Some growth in the Cold!

 Lettuce of varying colours and stages of growth under the plastic cloche. Spinach at the very far end is coming on slowly.
 Blossoms are coming out on the broad beans, these have really taken everything the very unseasonable weather has thrown at them.They are not quite as tall as I would expect but hopefully they will continue growing while producing blossoms and pods.
Semi permanent brassica cage in place today, not a very pretty sight but hopefully (a word we seem to be using a lot of this year) a useful one!
 More rain with some sunshine today, other parts of the country  have thunder & lightening so we shouldn't complain down here!
I have worked out an easy method of uploading photos and text, just do one photo at a time, Simples!
Networked Blogs have been sharing my blog onto FB almost as soon as I hit the publish button. I found with the last post it took nearly 24 hours to do it?! I think it is now one of the services on FB payment plan!


Ann said…
Glad to see your new allotment is coming along nicely. All we need now is some decent weather isn't it. I'm fed up with it, haven't got my brassicas out of their pots yet, first it was threatening frost then it is too wet to garden. I've got a few things in my polytunnel but last year even that didn't do well.
PeggyR said…
It looks great!
PeggyR said…
The plot looks great!
David Shinn said…
Have found your blog via Kelli's site.Nice photos and an interesting blog list.
I took on a brand new plot last year so it's interesting to read someone else's take on the matter.
Blogger seems to have a issue uploading photos on IE and Firefox at the moment ,so I'm using Google Chrome which seems to load them quickly.
Kelli said…
Your lettuce look huge. Looks like lots of nice salad is on the menu. The grow tunnels must be really handy.

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