Beans, Blossoms & Coffee

The Broad beans are all heavy with blossoms and the Bees are loving them, this one is deep purple. I planted Meteor Broad Beans straight from the packet?!

Crimson Flowered beans, I had kept a few seeds from last year when I sowed some beans which Matron had given to me the previous year

What I would call normal coloured blossoms, white with a purple centre

 Pale pink, maybe a cross between the others ?! The Bees as I say are loving them and their humming as they go about their business is a back drop to any time spent there lately.

 S. Bill has found a very good excuse for regular coffee breaks! These snazzy bags of used coffee grounds are free from Java Republic, complete with instructions and advice (click on photo to enlarge).One of our plotters also has access to unlimited coffee grounds and said we can have as much as we want so slugs take note!
 The new Blog header is GS Callum taking home our first harvest from the new plot ! We also had some Spinach to cut, all of these are still under the mesh cloche as the weather continues to be wet and cold most days.


Matron said…
I love the crimson flowered broad beans, they are good enough for a flower border. I think you are right, they cross pollinate easily.
Jo said…
Oh wow, Peggy, it's so good to see you again! And your beautiful green garden. The coffee will help boost your energy for sure and you can keep the slugs at bay. Have a great day. Jo
I get such delight at following the growth of your garden. That way you do the work and I get to look... oh wait a minute, you also get to eat and I don't. Phooey.
Jason Dingley said…
I have never seen purple flowered broad beans before, I have got to get me some. Oh and the coffee grounds idea that's fantastic. We don't drink allot of coffee at home so that fit our needs perfectly, especially the free bit.
Peggy said…
matron,so I could end up with all pale pink flowers?!The crimson are beautiful and definitely fit for the flower bed
Peggy said…
Jo, how are you?! I don't drink the coffee I am strictly a tea lady!
Peggy said…
Latane, yes we get to eat and are currently eating lettuce! Growth is very slow this year so hopefully our diet will improve soon!
Peggy said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peggy said…
Jason, they are lovely ,I think the beans are the same but the variety of flowers makes a splash in the veg bed and as I said the bees are loving them!
I think most coffee houses/cafes would be delighted to offload their spent coffee grounds?!

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