Chelsea Centenary Flower Show

This year was the 100th year of the prestigious Chelsea Flower show, I had not been before but my sister Kathleen had been there twice over the years. It was sunny for most of it but of course 'sods law' on the one day we were there it rained almost incessantly. it spoiled it not alone for us although we got to see nearly everything but for the shop/stall holders and all of the outside exhibitors.

There are not a lot of vegetables at Chelsea it is predominantly a flower show! This stand was gardening through the century, this part was the Big House before the world wars.
Cactus of all shapes and sizes!

Don't throw anything away, it can be reused in the garden!There were some very clever reuses of items for plants.

Irises and tulips

Gnomes have never been a welcome in Chelsea but this year they have made an entrance

Sis Kathleen getting up close and personal with a Chelsea pensioner, the show is held in the grounds of the Hospital where the Chelsea pensioners live, women queued to get their photo taken with him!

Stunning tulips!


The definition of optimism!These cheerful ladies brought their champagne and the rain did not deter them from enjoying their day!

Water Butt, a bit tongue in cheek perhaps?!

Books on the RHS stand


The ladies favourite gardener Alan Titchmarsh had to televise indoors because of the inclement weather, so we got to see him up close instead of the raised stage outdoors.
Just some of my impressions of Chelsea, we certainly enjoyed our day but to be honest £55.00 is a bit steep for a day spent walking around what is after all a flower show.I am glad I went especially for the centenary year but I don't think I will be in a hurry to go again.
This weekend we are off once again to our own Bloom Show in Phoenix Park in Dublin, this will be our 6th year going. We look forward to it each year as it gets not just bigger but better and more in tune with the punters who pay to go in.
The difference is Bloom is run by Bord Bia our Food Board and vegetables rank as high if not higher than the flower displays. There is a huge Marquee taken over with Cookery demos by our celebrity chefs. There is a Gardeners Q&A session with various gardening gurus and quite a lot of craft and sustainable ideas to browse through plus the Artisan food marquees to sample the fine fare on offer!


Anonymous said…
looks like a lot of fun and interesting thing to see...but you're right a bit pricey!
I went to report on press day and found it very flat this year, and the weather didn't help. No vibe, no buzz, and all a bit formulaic for my ramshackle taste!

And it IS expensive, but as a one-off treat on centenary year I guess it's not so bad.

BTW - it's STILL cold, and STILL raining here in London, I think it stopped for a day or two only to return with a vengeance.... :(
That looks like a very fun place to be, Peggy. Even if it did rain!! I do love to look at all the flowers.
Kelli said…
I imagine Chelsea was quite an experience (good photo of Alan!). I'd love to go to Bloom in Ireland some time, maybe next year I will make it.
Peggy said…
It was an experience as it is a very famous event on this side of the world, but yes very pricy!
Peggy said…
Scarlett, I agree with everything you say but for the centenary year we can say we went.We got soaked and of course we were staying in a hotel so could not go h ome and have a hot bath change into the Pj's and heat up !Our weather here has improved slightly and we have had a few nice warm days
Peggy said…
Latane, we love looking at the flowers and arrangements because all of the exhibitors have put a lot of hard work into preparing for Chelsea
Peggy said…
Kelli, Bloom gets bigger and better each year but they have acres of space to expand around the Phoenix Park, it is more varied with flowers,veg and crafts too

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