Getting Down & Dirty

 Sat morning looked promising so we set off to do a bit of plotting. GS Callum came to lend his expertise and I think thoroughly enjoyed working in 'his' garden!

This is our second raised bed which is earmarked for the cucumbers which are languishing on my bedroom windowsill while waiting for the right conditions. It will be filled with horse manure from our previous allotments on  the Hydro Farm  which Zwena has very generously said we can use.It will create a 'hot bed'  for the cucumbers, then the problem will be getting Callum to dig elsewhere!
Having a look around to see where else he can lend a hand?!

Tea break is a very important part of gardening!
The sand table was on our previous plot and it has been relocated also as we have a few mini gardeners to be amused.

We could have the best watered plot on the site!The site is fairly sheltered on most sides but the incessant wind we have been having dries out the ground faster than we can water it.
 it wasn't all fun and games, the potatoes were earthed up as frost is still a threat, windbreaker was secured along the remaining side so the plot is now enclosed .Billy weeded the onions and dug a trench outside the fence where the marauding mint is invading our plot.
Mint grows from lateral shoots so our thinking is to stop anymore of it spreading in and try to weed out the ones that have made it through. We are going to pot up a few shoots too of course.
I put in some flowers , just marigolds and Snapdragons for the moment to attract some bees to help with pollination.They are around the pea bed, the one with yogurt cartons swinging on the peas stick branches.
The Sweetcorn is at home under fleece to try and protect them from the wind and cold for the next couple of weeks.
 This is record posting on this very neglected Blog but,  I will be missing again as I am going to London with my sister to the Centenary Chelsea Flower Show for the weekend , lots of photos will be taken if the weather is kind to us.It is my first visit and I am really looking forward to it!
Fellow blogger matron is attending on Press Dat (today) and you can read matron's unique take on the show  on her blog  Down on the Allotment


PeggyR said…
Love the pictures! Send me your FB link! I'll keep my blog, just won't post as often!
Kelli said…
Enjoy Chelsea and hope to see some photos. Hope you get good weather too.
Peggy, don't know why I came up as Anonymous but it's me... Latane!!
Matron said…
Just so heartening to see your Grandson enjoying himself on the allotment, a wonderful education!

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