Winter Solstice at Newgrange

The 18th was the winter solstice and it dawned bright and (mostly) sunny in Newgrange Co Meath where the spring and winter solstice is witnessed entering a tunnel and illuminating the interior in a tomb whose origins have been lost in the mist of time (thought to predate the pyramids)
The full range of photos can be seen on the website here
You can also buy a DVD now on Amazon (link on the site)
For anyone visiting the Meath/Dublin area there are personally supervised tours of the historic Boyne valley website here
I have never visited it myself and it is on my list of places to see!


OneStonedCrow said…
Wow! - thanks for the link Peggy, this place calls to me ...
cathy@home said…
I complete forgot about winter solstice.
Anonymous said…
I forgot too...what an absolutely fascinating place. It would great to win the lottery and be there for the very day and hour the sun lights the passage. Thanks for sharing this Peggy!
PeggyR said…
Thanks for sharing winter solstice!
Anonymous said…
Peggy, after your comment I realized my post seemed disrespectful to Jesus' true importance as the LIGHT of our world I hope the words I added to my post are helpful in dispelling any irreverence! Of course he is the only true LIGHT!
Peggy said…
OneStonedCrow, you must have Celtic roots!

cathy@home, we are all inclined to forget the winter solstice in the Christmas rush but look forward to the Spring one to signal the end of Winter.

Theanne,I know I keep meaning to enter the lottery but again ..forget.The sun does not always get through the cloud cover, after all this is Ireland!
BTW, that was a very tongue in cheek comment as it struck me as funny certainly not irreverent in any way!

PeggyR, glad you enjoyed the post
Marie said…
I am fascinated with all things pre-Celtic and would adore seeing New Grange at the solstice. I have to get the dvd! Thanks so much for posting this!

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