Still Growing?!

I paid a quick visit to the plot today, mainly to take a photo of anything which would be edible for our Christmas dinner for inclusion on Matron's Christmas Food blog.
I took the top pic of our brussel sprouts which are to grace our plates on the big day, only when I got home and uploaded the pic did I see the the tell tale marks of poachers who are trying to deprive us of our dinner!It entails another trip to the plot to 'save the sprouts'!

Our herbs are waiting to be picked, the rosemary bush has really taken off and is putting on good growth. If we get severe frosts like last year I will have to remember to cover it as a lot of rosemary became frost victims last year.
Thyme and parsley for the stuffing behind the parsley, the parsley is also being nibbled I think!

I cut back all of the stalks on the rhubarb a few weeks ago and covered the crowns with plenty of manure, I was very surprised to see new growth springing up today. I recovered the crowns after taking the photo.
Something we won't be having not alone for Christmas dinner but for some time after are our leeks which, while growing are not nearly as strong or large as they should be.Maybe leek and new potato soup sometime in June?!
One bed of the green manure is covering the ground nicely, this is the landsberger winter mix. The manure on the other beds is sparse and looks as if it did not germinate properly.
I forgot to take a pick of the over wintering onions which are about 3ins high, hopefully they are frost resistant or I may cover them just to be sure as they are a little small to withstand a severe frost.


Lona said…
Hi Peggy. Your weather must be fickle this year to if you still have things trying to grow. Enjoy it. If I do not get back to your blog before Christmas I want to wish you a Merry one.
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy, good idea to harvest all the Brussel Sprouts...appears something was nibbling at them! Lovely photos for Matron's Christmas Blog! Christmas Greetings to you and yours!
Linda said…
Oh no, not allotment poachers! They're the lowest of the low. If they're human, that is.
Interesting to read of your variable green manure experience. What was the type that didn't germinate?
Why I garden... said…
Isn't it strange how a plant looks so nice and healthy until you upload a photo to the computer. That happens to me often.

I'm eating some baby leeks as I don't think they'll ever mature!
Anonymous said…
Who would want to pinch Brussel sprouts? Yuk! (Sorry you either like them or you don't) Hope you have enough left for your Christmas lunch Peggy, Wishing you a very merry Christmas.
cathy@home said…
Thank you Peggy you made one little boy walk on air today we got the package in the post and he opened it this lunch time at the afterschool club (short school day today)He had the biggest smile.
The garden just refuses to give up, doesn't it!! Those veggies will be so good on Christmas day. Have a good one.... Latane
Matron said…
did you find out what was nibbling the sprouts?
Peggy said…
Sprout nibbling was either slugs or pigeons or maybe the pesky rabbits.The netting had blown over to one side with the gales and exposed the sprouts to the predators, hopefully the freezing cold will put paid to any slugs hanging about

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