Christmas Cranberries

My cranberry sauce all done up in its Christmas wrapping to give as presents to family.I do not indulge in cranberry sauce although I may be tempted this year to sample.Some years ago I worked as a casual waitress in a hotel,being casual meant we were called in for functions like weddings and dinner dances which were big at the time.
Cranberry sauce was always put out on the tables at Christmas time and more often than not always came back untouched as our tastes were so much simpler then, gravy with everything!
If we did not have cranberry sauce then raspberry jam was put out instead and nobody ever said anything!I had the idea then that cranberry sauce was sweet and could never imagine eating it with my turkey!
The house is finally decorated for the festive season and the weather has even turned seasonal, snow ,frost and gales!This time last year we had the big white out down south, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that it is not going to happen this year!
I had a great response to my Christmas card from Ireland post, and I have been receiving beautiful cards from far flung destinations too.Everybody asked for my address to return a card, this was never my intention but it was a lovely exchange.
One of the cards went to Galilee of all places, where the Christmas message began!I thought it was such a privilege to be able to send a card to little Aled whose Mom
Cathy sent on their address for him.
Cathy lives in a Kibbutz in Galilee and has a blog cathy@home.
I will keep the list and send you all a St Patrick's day card also, anyone else who would like to be on the list just send on your address to my email.The last Christmas postal dates for the UK and Ireland are fast approaching.
Almond icing the two Christmas cakes is the task in hand for tonight.


Kathleen said…
Are you kidding! Raspberry jam for cranberry sauce! I am the only one who loves cranberry here on her turkey and ham Christmas Day! Put my name on one of those jars I would love it!
Anonymous said…
Homemade cranberry sauce? I'll have some too please! Your card idea is'll probably get mine after Christmas...since I'm such a's all addressed just haven't gotten it to the Post Office!
Why I garden... said…
Your cooking and baking sounds fab. I bet the cranberry sauce is lovely. Looks great packaged up.
PeggyR said…
OH we love cranberry sauce here. Not sure what I'm going to do with all the charms. May make bracelets, necklace or use some on other artwork. They are fun to make.
cathy@home said…
Peggy I want to say thanks again for the lovely card and gifts for Aled he took them in to school today for show and tell.
Marie said…
I am so far behind in my posting! I appreciated your comment on my Dining Table post so much, and wish I had not missed this opportunity to exchange addresses so we could send a Christmas card! I will send it now for St. Patrick's day! I LOVE homemade cranberry sauce, and your canned sauces look wonderful for holiday giving!

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