Christmas Sprouts

I went out to the allotment on Sat evening to gather the sprouts for our Christmas dinner and to send in a photo to matrons Christmas veggie blog
The plot looks cold and dismal now and my fingers nearly froze dislodging the sprouts! The pigeons have decimated the top growth on the stalks, definitely the culprits from the amount of droppings on the leaves and around the ground.The netting had blown off again and left the plants unprotected.
I left them as is so the birds can enjoy the remains!
I also brought home the herbs for cooking, rosemary for the garlic and rosemary roasted spuds
Sage and thyme for the stuffing
Parsley for everything else
I have one jar of the 3 I had made of piccalilli for those cold turkey days!I had made it from a mixture of all the allotment veg using a recipe of matrons
Do visit matrons blog to see the array of Christmas veggies,lots of ideas there for next winters plot!


Anonymous said…
I saw your lovely Brussel Sprouts at Matrons earlier! And your herbs! All so green and fresh! Yes I suppose it is time to leave what's left in the garden to the critters. You know Peggy it seems like just yesterday that everyone was wanting the winter of 2010 to be over and here we are right back to another winter! LOL Merry Christmas, Theanne
Anonymous said…
that should be the winter of 2010/2011
I bequeathed my sprout stem to the allotment wildlife a long time ago. I suspect there is still some kale and sprouting there but I just can't bring myself to get down to the plot having said a sad farewell to it in November.
What lovely (*cough *cough) brown mush will greet me when I return in the Spring!
cathy@home said…
Hi Peggy, we grow potatoes earlier here because by May the tempratures are back to 75f+ at the moment it is 62f We also have a very long hot summers here.
Ann said…
Enjoy your sprouts, and I'm sure the wood pigeons will enjoy them too!

The year has zoomed past, now it's back to the planning stage for next year, I love that time.

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