Country House Christmas Party

We usually have an allotment Christmas get together, when we all dress up like normal people and try to chat about all sorts of things other than crops etc but the conversation invariably turns to the coming season!
Zwena always organizes it in her house but this year her sister Olwen kindly hosted it for us in her beautiful country house which is a guest house during the summer months.It is near the allotments also and about a ten minute walk from picturesque Blarney.
The Victorian figures in front of the amazing Christmas tree.

It was dark when we got there so I took this from a postcard, Maranatha House from the outside in the middle of a beautiful garden, if you would like to see more or even think about Country house living the web site is here
Mostly pictures for the rest of the post!

The conservatory is the breakfast room and these flamingoesque style napkins took my eye!Different coloured napkins to blend with the decor in the room.

The huge Christmas tree

Fire with cosy couches gathered around

The conservatory/breakfast room

The hallway is bigger than rooms in most modern homes!

3 of our plotters and not a welly in sight

Victorian dolls in the red room

The sunken bathroom is off the red room

The red room complete with four poster bed

Cosy twin bedded room with matching four posters

The same room

Honeymoon suite with draped bed

Elegant all cream and ivory room

The Top hat room!
Olwen could not decide on a theme for this room and one night while watching Top Hat with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers she decided to replicate the bedroom on screen.
Fred is not sitting on the bed that is our Ger complete with top hat which hangs on an old fashioned hat stand inside the door. There is a big black & white print on the wall of Fred and Ginger dancing.
Olwen has made ALL drapes, curtains, canopies etc herself, and decorated the whole house to look as if it has not been changed for decades!

The huge welcoming fireplace where we gathered to chat and have mulled wine and Christmas nibbles
Truly a house meant for Christmas!


Anonymous said…
Absolutely fabulous Bed and Breakfast! WOW! Gorgeous bedrooms, they all look like sets out of the movies! The tree is amazing and with the carolers...perfect! I know you and the others from the allotment had a wonderful time!
cathy@home said…
What a Lovely Bed and Breakfast home Like stepping back into time.
I love those carolers by the tree and not a welly in sight.
Why I garden... said…
Wow, what a lovely place, looks very pretty and festive. What a big Christmas tree! Bet it was a great get together.
Kathleen said…
OMG what a house!I would be tempted to book in for a night!Everywhere is beautiful and festive,nice for a change to go somewhere else too,that guy really looks like Fred Astaire!
Peggy said…
it is a fabulous house and I am sure looks just as good in summer but it gives me the feeling it just marks time until Christmas to come into its own!
Kathleen, I went on to the website thinking the prices would be astronomical but the Regal (red) room is just 60E per person per night including full irish breakfast!!
Ann said…
What a gorgeous house, makes me want to book a room there. How does she have the energy to make all those beautiful furnishings and run it as a business.
Marie said…
Oh, Peggy, what a gorgeous home! And you say it's a B&B in the tourist season??? Oh, wow, how I would LOVE to stay there! It just is the perfect spot for a Christmas celebration though, and I know you all had a marvelous time!

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