Weird and Wonderfull on the Plots

Visits to the plot are wonderfull bringing home lots of produce and not a lot of work just keeping things in order.I took my camera around the various plots to show what is providing colour and interest and not a little curiosity!A picture tells a thousand words so lots of pics and few words.
Our own artichokes have finally started appearing
Japanese wineberry, looks like a strawberry but tastes sweet and juicy.
Some artichokes allowed to continue in to flower
Apples on one of the 10 new trees which Zwena planted last year in a new orchard area.
Our own pumpkin.
View up the path of the new plots showing some of the flowers.
Lots of sunflowers, competition will be fierce for the winners this year!
Rosie's well ordered plot
Pears on Rosie's 2 year old tree.
Rudebecka and fennel flowers make a striking scene
Zwena's 'famous' Kiwi tree after being cut back and pruned to allow light and space.
Greengages on Zwena's plot.
Plum tree is also on Zwena's plot, the branches had to be supported with ropes as the weight of the fruit was threatening to split the branches.
Our onion Guru Christy has his onions in orderly ranks.
I plaited ours up and brought them home today to hang in the shed to continue drying as the forecast is not too good for the remainder of this week.
Big boy beef tomato is getting bigger and one of them has started turning red today
One of our miserable cucumber plants, long spindly and yellow.
The tiny fruits on the top of the second one, none grew on the lower parts of the plants.
View up our plot.
From another angle

Kevin wondering how long is it to Halloween!


OneStonedCrow said…
Thanks for the tour Peggy - I loved the photo of the artichokes - lovely color ...

... in the near future I'll be starting my own food-garden and be trawling your older posts for tips and ideas ...
Bangchik said…
It is quite a sight to see apples on little trees, so heavy that the branches has to stoop low... ~bangchik
Peggy said…
OneStonedCrow,everything does not have to be orderly in the garden. some plants left to their own devices can be stunning!Remember when looking for tips and ideas this is wet and windy Ireland!

Bangchik, all of the fruit trees are laden down with fruit this year, we think it is because we had such a long cold winter the trees went completely dormant for the first time in years and this helps to set fruit.
The orchard fruit is really good this year. I have more apples on the ballerina than ever before. I agree with you Peggy - it was the long cold winter, horrid for humans but great for apples!
Linda said…
A lovely tour, Peggy. The thing that struck me - apart from the abundance of fruit and veg - was that you know the names of other plot holders. Yours must be a very friendly sort of site.
FoodFunFarmLife said…
I loved this 'tour' today, Peggy - everything looks so healthy & is doing well. The artichokes are beautiful when in bloom - I'd never seen that before.
it's it amazing to simply stand back and admire sometimes :o) lovely to get to know your veggie patch a little better.
Peggy said…
Scarlett, even a plum tree which is there since the allotment site was a walled in orchard and has not had fruit for years has branches laden down with small ripe plums this year!

Linda, it is a very sociable site where everyone is friends and look after each others plots if someone is on holidays.The site owner sees everyone first and has a fairly good idea if new applicants will gel with the others.We have a BBQ, an end of season get together and a Christmas dress up and wine evening so we get to know one another.

Lynda, lots of plotters will let one or two plants go to seed for the flowers, it attracts bees and butterflies to the plots!

Nic,it is lovely to take time out sometimes and just stroll around to see what everyone is doing and stop for a chat if the plot holders are there.

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