Mark's Courgette Recipes

Mark,one of our fellow allotmenteers emailed this recipe with step by step photos for anyone with a glut of courgettes.Anyone with 2 or more plants is probably in that category so I am sure he won't mind me posting it for everyone to enjoy, it seems simple and straightforward.

Slice courgettes into 2-3mm slices
Put into a dish and sprinkle with Olive Oil
Heat a griddle pan ( any heavy based pan) to a high heat, when smoking place slices on
By the time you lay the last piece onto the griddle,
begin to turn them over in the same sequence
to get the nice caramelised ridges
When all turned over, drop them into sterilised Kilner jars.
Pour in a little balsamic vinegar and cover with olive oil.
Leave some headroom and seal the jar.
Put in a dark cool place and sample in a few days.

These are a nice addition to a salad or even on a piece of fresh
Remember Mark? Obviously not just wasting his time sunbathing, he was planning recipes for the forthcoming courgette glut!Mark also sent a link to this Gordon Ramsay video on Youtube for stuffed courgette rolls


Jo said…
Oh Yum, Peggy;) corgettes are always in full supply here in the Sudan, albeit lighter in colour with whitish stripes.And they're called zucchinis. Back in South Africa we get the same kind you show here and we call them corgettes. They are one of my staples along with brinjals (another vegetable with multiple names!) I so enjoy your posts. Have a wonderful weekend. Jo
nice one Mark. May well try that with a mix of green and yellow courgettes since I'm being very diligent about picking to ensure no monster marrows like last year.
Ann said…
Nice recipe, shame my courgettes have done so badly this year, even the leaves are small compared to usual.
made these yesterday Peggy :o) not only did I use up 3 courgettes but also a mayonaise jar that was too big for chutney but just right for these. hoorah!
We love Mark for this - anybody who grows courgettes can NEVER have enough recipes as there is always a glut!
Matron said…
Now that's a great idea, I might try it!
Maralyn45 said…
Thats really nice.....
Peggy said…
Jo, I am always amazed that the same vegetables can be grown in so many different locations around the world!

Nic, the green and yellow mixed should be a lovely colour combination too!
You were really in overdrive using 3 courgettes!

Ann, but your cucumbers are great!

Scarlett,I agree with you about the recipes, after last years glut we only put in 2 green and 2 yellow plants this year ,that was before we knew you could save them in something besides ratatouille!

Matron, you are always up to have a go!

Maralyn45, thanks for leaving a comment.

Mark is on holidays at the moment so I will tell him to check out all of your comments when he returns, it may inspire him to start his own blog!
Matron said…
I could definitely do with a 'Mark' on my plot at the moment, weeds coming up everywhere. Is he available? xxx

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