Exotic harvest

Quick post today as I am off to Robert's Cove.Harvest from the plot yesterday was colourfull and tasty! Lots of tomatoes & courgettes (still)! Tomatoes ripening on the vine is almost a novelty over here as we have had so many cold wet summers with so little natural sunshine and heat.
Star of the show has to be a big boy beef tomato, weighing in at 400grms and this is not the biggest one there are 2 more to ripen.

French beans are still being produced by our 3 plants.
Blueberries, coming to the end of their harvest and the foliage on the bushes has turned a beautifull shade of red.Look closely and our first and only blackberry from our thornless blackberry bush is in there too.There are more to ripen and I also noticed our autumn fruiting raspberries have fruit set to ripen.
Our first globe artichoke was ready to pick and was dispatched for supper.I think these really need to be eaten home alone!I just steamed the whole head and pick off the leaves one by one and dip in butter, the real stuff none of your dairy spreads for this.There was a good big choke in the centre too, very hard to describe the taste but yummy would be good.
Rhubarb is coming to the end too as we want to leave some to feed the plants for next year.


It all looks beautiful. I've also enjoyed the novelty of tomatoes actually ripening on the plant this year as I abandoned the idea of growing them at the plot and risking blight, and just did a few at home in the garden. It's a treat!
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy that looks like a nice harvest, I was wondering what the yellow one is, squash or courgette ? hope you've had a great weekend.
PeggyR said…
Your harvest looks wonderful. Our markets are full of fresh produce this time of year. It's nice to be able to cook it once again!
Anonymous said…
The large tomato is fantastic...a homegrown tomato is heaven on earth. I no longer have "Annie's 24x24 Garden" since my husband died, the garden has deteriorated...now the red knockout roses I grew for him are the main thing left...I'm going to be moving to Florida to live closer to my son and his family...so the scope of my blog has changed a bit...but I am back. Your garden is as amazing as ever!!
Peggy said…
Scarlett, growing them at home also cuts down on the inevitable journeys to water them.

Kellee, we thought it was a squash as they were donated seeds, but the leaves are defintely courgette!

PeggyR, it is great to see such colourful veg at markets etc.

Theanne & Baron, good to see you back and I hope you are well.I did check back on your blog from time to time to see if you had continued.I tried to check your new profile so I think your new blog is not up and running as yet.If your son is the only family you have then you are making the right decision to move closer to him. I hope you will feel up to blogging from Florida!
Linda said…
What plans do you have for your vast tomato? Something that does justice to it I hope.
Ann said…
I can't believe the weight of that tomato, and you've got a bigger one, wow!

Sounds like you had a lovely, indulgent time with that artichoke!

Hope you have some decent weather at Robert's Cove.
what magnificent toms.
globe artichokes in butter now there's a thought. Ours flowered while we were away but I'm still gonna boil them up and see how they are. We like them dip in balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

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