Robert's Cove

I have been in Robert's Cove in the mobile home since friday,these are some random pics from there and the previous weekend when we had a family BBQ.This is Callum & Katie investigating sand and seaweed.
Because of our proximity to the Gulf stream which comes close to our southern coast we have an abundance of wild flowers growing wild along the roadsides, here are crocosimia and fuchsia near Robert's Cove and blackberries are ripening already to what looks like being a bumper harvest.
When I was coming home yesterday I thought I would take some photos to show the area around the cove, this is looking down on it and the caravan park is nestled to the left under the shade of the headland where it is protected from the winter storms .
I climbed up on the ditch to get the cows in the photo!
A close up of a ditch full of colour,some one has replanted lots of these all along a roadside in frontof their house. Because of the profusion of fuchsia it has been adopted as the symbol of West Cork food producers
When I returned some of the tomatoes in the plastic greenhouse at home had begun to turn red at last.
The greenhouse,I have to say I don't think it is the ideal place to grow on tomatoes as some days I have forgotten to open the flap and condensation drips down from the roof.The condensation turns the leaves brown and some of the toms on the upper branches suffered blossom end rot, at least I am putting the two together! The lower fruits are perfect and fully grown. I cut back all the top growth to allow the fully formed fruits to grow and ripen.
Flower bed over grown with nasturtium which reseeded from last year but they make a great splash of random colour around the place, I was never one for regimented flowers.
Sweet peas have reached the top of the shed.
Some of last week ends group for the BBQ, it was a beautiful sunny day and we sat out on the deck after the sports on the beach.
The sack race on the beachThe egg & spoon race

3 legged race lining up
They are off

Youngest son Barry with grand son Ben cheating a little!


Anonymous said…
Looks like you all had a great time at the beach, love the photos looking back at the beach and caravan park Ireland is so pretty.
NEURON said…
Loved your photos.
Your tomatoes are at about the same stage as mine.
Matron said…
What a great time you had!
Ann said…
Your caravan site is in a lovely spot. Looked like you had another fun, action packed few days!!!

My tomatoes are much later this year than last year, we just picked the first this week.
Linda said…
Love fuchsia hedges. A real sign of being in the west.
You're very energetic on holiday!

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