Kiwi Question?

We had a fabulous day at the Bloom festival in Dublin but I have so many photos I need to put them in some order before posting.We spent today on the plot weeding and weeding...!
Our harvest was small but delicious.This year we are picking everything small before the birds and slugs get to them.First pulling of the bunch sown Spring onions,salad leaves from the Spinach,the bordeaux spinach and swiss chard.A few mange tout and some strawberries.We had some radishes on Thurs but I did not post.We don't eat them so have never sown them until this year I planted a small row just to taste.They were tender crisp and peppery, not at all like I remember the taste of them before!
The strawberries obviously like their new bed as there are loads of them just beginning to ripen in the next few days, we ate the ones we picked today and they were juicy and delicious, warm from the heat of the sun.

Kathryn and Gemma spent yesterday on the plot, weeding,watering and digging, this is Kathryn redigging the bed which will be for the leeks which are ready to transplant now.The weeded red onion bed is to the foreground and the carrot bed is covered in mesh to ward off the carrot fly behind.
Our bird scarer!It drew quite a lot of comments today, it is a potato with bird feathers stuck into it. It waves in the breeze and the feathers move.I saw one last year in Anne Hathaway's cottage garden when I visited Stratford-on-Avon see post and pictures here
Ger watering his model plot next door.
The black currant bush is laden down with fruit this year.
The burning question on Kiwi fruitZwena has a Kiwi Bush in the polytunnel, bush is a bit of a misnomer as it has grown huge since last year. It is covered in tiny fruit but Zwena was told that she needed 2 trees to pollinate.Will the fruit develop or can anything be done now if it needs pollinating?
The tiny fruit is spread down the extended branch or vine?The branches are intertwined they have grown so much, any and all advice would be much appreciated.


Ann said…
You got a nice variety of items picked, Peggy, the spring onions look good and I can just imagine that sun warmed strawberry taste.

Love the bird scarer.

We've had thunderstorms here, I'm hoping the torrential rain has filled my water butts.
Peggy said…
Hi Ann,we had forecast for thunderstorms last night but so far they have not materialised!

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