Flowers & Weeding

The onion bed is finally finished,only 8 parsnips germinated and the ends of the carrot rows are blank for some reason.I reseeded with parsnips and carrots and with the warm sunny weather they may germinate a little faster to fill in the gaps.This was precision weeding to find the veg in amongst the foot high weeds.The tall weeds were easier to pull, the low growing creepers were harder as they seem to have sunk their roots deeper.The fingernails are in terrible condition but what is new?!New bark mulch was put down on the paths.
A reminder of what the bed looked like last week.
We have had two days of rain , not heavy but fine and continous which was better as it soaked into the dry ground instead of running off.
Potatoes: The warm muggy weather has brought a new problem...potato blight!We had a blight warning on Sunday evening and we sprayed on Monday morning.
Tomatoes:Matron over on Down on the allotment blog has done an excellent tutorial on slipping the side shoots of the tomato plant to make new ones. I was not aware it could be done, so thank you Matron!
I had left the net off of the salad bed only to find 2 of the lettuce plants almost nibbled to extinction. The nearby fields are full of rabbits of all sizes as the baby ones are now out foraging also.The spinach did not suffer any ill effects after being evicted from the greenhouse and is growing new leaves.
The peony rose at home is in full bloom
Peony Rose seems to have taken off this year with flowers and foliage
The lupins are in full bloom with lots of flower spikes
Peony rose and lupins with a pink geranium on the ground, did I plan a red garden?!

Granny's bonnet has bloomed (red again)and the flowers are towering over the low growing leaves.Behind it is guess what, red hot poker!


Love the lupins they are a lovely shade, I am coming round to planting some of them!
Everything looks lush!
Ann said…
It's looking very tidy Peggy, pity the rabbits only go for the veg, they'd be handy otherwise!

Love the red you have in your garden, that lupin is beautiful.
foxylock said…
Looking good Pegy I tried to grow lupins but out of forty seeds I ended up with only two plants. Dont talk about the rabbits I lost three days of my life fencing them out of the garden last week.
Matron said…
That's bad to have blight so early in the season. Interesting that you have a 'blight warning', where and who does that come from?
Peggy said…
talsefromagarden: Lupins are great for height and come up regardless of how much you neglect them!

Ann: We thought we had the rabbits fenced out but they are making occasional forays into the plots.

Foxylock: Why on earth would anyone want 40 lupins?!Rabbits are the bane of our lives ,even though the plots are double fenced and most of the plots are individualy fenced they still get in.I heard a piece on the radio the other day that rabbits hate the smell of human hair, a lady went to her local hairdresser and got a bag of it and put it down under hedges etc and she says it works.

Matron:Being an agricultural country may be the reason but blight warnings are given on the national radio and TV news each year.
Anonymous said…
I tried growing carots in pots - didn't germinate!

Your flowers are lovely ;0)
Sharon Harvey said…
Your peony roses are just stunning!

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