With all the tooing and froing of the last couple of weeks I have forgotten to take photos of our take home harvest which has become a daily bounty now with the warm weather.
Our first earlies, Charlotte are being dug and are blight free and unmarked, anyone who has had them has been full of praise for their taste and of course the dry weather has kept them clean skinned.They are being sprayed for blight every week and so far so good.
We have had a bumper crop of strawberries and the raspberries are just beginning to redden, hence the fruit net being put up in a hurry.
Rhubarb is growing apace, the new plants seem to be catching up with the older ones.
We are getting very excited about the Sweet corn for once it has the correct temps and is almost growing while we are looking at it!
The salad bed is producing spring onions and lettuce, we have quite a bit of lettuce staggered around the plot even on the Asparagus bed which I had to put net around as we are being over run with rabbits!
Mange Tout is prolific in producing new pods, I am not sure for just how long this will continue.
Broad beans were black fly free and a big harvest of 1 & 1/2 lbs were cut on Monday.
We are actually having to water each evening , quite the opposite to the last couple of summers when we were washed away
Some pics from home, the tumbling pots are planted up with busy lizzies and lobelia this year, both trouble free and provide a great splash of colour outside the patio door.Cheap and cheerful is the way to go!

My lilies were almost forgotten about, they had been out for a few days before I remembered to take a photo. They have grown about 3 ft high which is a bit straggly but the blooms are stunning.


Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy,
Your harvest looks wonderful!
This year I had a time with our potatoes here. We had more rain than usual and the fire ants found out they love to eat potatoes! So, I had quite a few potatoes with ant holes in them and some rough looking skins too.
I just finished with the last of the sweet corn today.

It sounds like your garden is coming along well.
Those lilies are just beautiful!

Have a great day.
Anna Bee said…
It looks delicious. Great year to be a gardener! We're all enjoying the fruits of the garden, and the allotment at the minute.
Catherine said…
Hi Peggy - wow your garden looks great! You have such wonderful veggies and the lilies are lovely too, so I am quite green with envy! I have just gro-bags this year on the patio as the tunnel was used only for strawberries, too dark and dirty plastic for light-loving plants! Strawbs did fine. Hope to get back into it properly when re-covered with new plastic soon!
All the best Catherine. Oh and your open day at the allotment looked terrific! Some day I should go check it out when I'm in Cork! (Blarney can't be that far, is it?)
Matron said…
It really is the most productive time for home grown veggies. I am looking forward to sweetcorn as well. The lovely weather and great improved varieties should give us a bumper crop.

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