We have Lift Off!

I planted seeds on 29th January and I was amazed to see tiny cabbage seedlings had appeared by 3rd Feb!Greyhound cabbage certainly living up to its name.The cauliflower and lettuce showed up a close second on the 4th.I did not take photos until today and they are all very visible by now.I removed the clear cover as soon as the appeared, last year I had left it on too long and the seedlings grew spindly.
A close up of the cabbage seedlings today,they are still indoors on a sunny windowsill.Last year we had very dull grey weather for weeks and lighting is also important for the new seedlings.Last year I had to make a reflector from cardboard and tinfoil to reflect as much light as possible onto the seeds.
I planted just a few seeds of each and more to be sown at intervals for a continuous supply, thats the plan anyway!


Isn't the sight of new beginnings something fablous Peggy. Starting myself this weekend so fingers crossed. You might say today is part of the weekend but was on grandchildren duty this morning and this afternoon was in the pub watching the rugby. Was a great day for working outside and knowing my luck tomorrow it will be raining cats and dogs. However we'll struggle on.
Jo said…
Well done Peggy!
Ann said…
That was quick Peggy! I've set some tomato seeds, I'm doing Roma again, they were so good last year.

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