Seed Potatoes

I bought seeds of second earlies yesterday and have put them in the egg box incubators in the plastic greenhouse.These ones are Maris Peers, ideal for wedges,boiling and salad.There were 12 for 2.99e and are rated as high yield.
Wilja another second early, ideal for boiling roasting and chips so that should be all tastes catered for.There were 10 for 2.99 but the two together were only 5.00e.It must be a sign of the huge interest in growing your own that there is such a lot of seed potatoes available and also a lot of different varieties. We have not had these two before so it will be interesting to compare yields and taste.
The first earlies Colleen are chitting nicely and we have had no unwelcome visitors so far but I am keeping ,my fingers crossed!
The cauliflower and cabbage are finally setting their second true leaves, they will be transplanted into 3" pots early next week to grow on and I will plant more seeds to stagger the harvest (hopefully)
The Cos lettuce are growing in their planters and the frosty nights and cold temps don't seem to have bothered them
Today has been very windy so I tied the shelves to the greenhouse frames with cable ties I am hoping they will also secure the frame in position, last year in the mini greenhouses the shelves blew down on a really windy night.
Lynda from Wales left a comment on my previous post and I visited her blog,we share some of the same hobbies like gardening and knitting. I was delighted to find she had a post and links to Moon planting and gardeners calender.I have signed up for the Gardeners newsletter Lynda so I will receive an email each Thursday with a planting guide for the week!
Thanks Lynda!


Hi Peggy

I'm also doing Maris Peer this year, along with Pentland Javelin first earlies. Skipping a maincrop to avoid the inevitable disappointment that the blight will bring. And tomatoes in pots at home instead of at the allotment for the same blighty reason.

Now I'm off to look at the Moon planter's blog - right up my street so I can't wait. Thanks for the heads up.

Have a good weekend. Stay warm.
Don't let those little seedlings get blown away!! You are tempting me to start some seeds on my own as well. We'll see if I follow through.
Matron said…
Egg boxes are just perfect for chitting potatoes, aren't they! You couldn't design anything more appropriate.
smart readers said…
What a nice feeling it is to see a seed developing in to an acorn!
Anna Bee said…
Thanks for the moon link - I'm subscribed!
Ann said…
I think we are all itching to get out there Peggy, my potatoes are about at the same stage as yours. Looks like we are in for some wet and windy weather though.
Peggy said…
Scarlett: I think you have the right idea for the pops and toms!

Latane;Nothing like setting a few seeds to make you think of getting out and about and looking forward.

Matron: you are so right but I am sure someone will try some day to make us part with our money but we know better!

Smart reader: I am always fascinated at what grows from a tiny seed

Anna bee: it is a really good site with advice and tips and I htink the moon gardening is easily explained.

Ann: I have seen the forecast but we have have had a beautiful warm sunny day here and I am keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow!

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