February Fog

I awoke this morning with a slight headache and thought, what I need is fresh air and where better to get it than out on the allotment.It was dull with a light mist when I set off thinking it would lift as the morning wore on. How wrong can you be, it got steadily worse and the mist became heavier developing into steady rain.
I was the only one out there (I wonder why)? When the men in white coats come I will go quietly!
The robin hopped up as soon as I arrived and hopped around the fence while I worked,could it be the same one as last time?
I cleared the remains of the Golden Wonder potatoes which I had dug up the last day and cleared the end of the old potato bed.I had taken out the onion sets but did not put them in today.
I noticed some couch grass and creeping buttercup coming up inside the Asparagus bed, I started pulling it away and then got stuck in and dug around the edge as this is where the aforementioned weeds are coming from. The frost did not slow the creeping buttercup as new roots of it were all over the place.I got the wheelbarrow and drew 2 loads of horse manure and spread one over the Asparagus bed. I should have covered it before the Winter but did not have time before the monsoon season began!
By this time the rain was coming down steadily and getting manure from the heap was not a romp in the meadow!
I had cleared a lot from the Rhubarb bed the last day also and today continued to pull couch grass and the ever pervasive buttercup from around the edge of the bed.I used the second wheelbarrow of manure to cover the emerging stalks before we lose them to frost.
Zwena's plot has burgeoning rhubarb!It is the only plot where so much of it is through, we will have to find out the secret!
William is one of our neighbours and his plot is looking great, he has put in long beds with paths of bark mulch between this year.The bed to the left which at the moment looks overgrown is his over wintered onions, once it is weeded and cleaned the onions will be well away for an early harvest.
The day has continued grey and gloomy with fog developing , typical for us for this time of year.We enjoyed sunny days and bright morning and evenings throughout January. One of the perks of high pressure, though bringing frost brought us 117 hours of sunshine, a record since records began!


Couldn't resist Peggy,

Things are looking very good over there in Tower, must flick back thru your previous posts as I've missed loads of them.

Keep the faith
Linda said…
Wet manure requires some dedication! But did your headache respond to the fresh air cure?
Jo said…
What dedication you have Peggy. Your allotment is looking good. The little Robin is cute to come and be with you while you work.
Ann said…
You are really getting stuck in Peggy, we are buying the bags of manure from the garden centre this year, can't cope going to the stables we got the last lot from!!! I bet that robin was glad to see you, was he rummaging around on the bits you'd been working on?
Your weather reminds me of when I lived in Heidelberg, Germany...we were in the valley, and it was very dreary and foggy all the time! Well, not ALL the time, but much of the time. I think we had 100+ days of rain and fog one year when I lived there. I love your little robin...birds are the things that I get excited about most, this time of year. Our 'robins' are so different from one another...yours looks much smaller, about the size of one of our Eastern Bluebirds.
Peggy said…
Veg and Flower time: welcome back Liam, I am looking forward to seeing all of your plants on the blog very soon.

Linda, I was so busy I forgot I had a headache and by the time I was finished it was almost gone anyway!

Jo: I don't think he had cute in mind, I think it was more in the line of food.

Ann: The bags are great for smaller beds at home but for the amount we need for the allotment the cost would be sky High. The robin was down on anything I over turned as soon as I moved any distance away.

Jan, thanks for dropping by, our rain and fog is almost constant at times, Tues fog has changed to a day long downpour today with visibility down also.Some robins are fatter maybe this little one has been existing on what he could get around the frozen countryside.

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