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Cabbage does remarkable work in clearing the complexion,making cheeks pink,lips red and infusing you with vitality. Ministry of Food ad,Sept 1944

If that does not make you go out and grow your own veg nothing will!The history of allotments especially during the war years is the subject of an exhibition open from now until Jan 2011 so anyone making a trip to London should try to visit ,the admission prices are very reasonable and attractive for families to visit.

I visited nipitinthebud today and was fascinated by her post on the ministry of food exhibition and blog.The above is from her blog and there are links to videos etc.
Any available land was dug up and planted even in schools. I saw this pic of school children enthusiastically getting stuck in and became immediately aware of the lack of safety boots,gloves,goggles,hard hats,all of which would be de rigour today if we were to find ourselves in this position!This of course was before Nanny states took over or more to the point we allowed them to take over and any sort of spontaneous action is frowned upon.
I wonder how many injuries were reported and sued for?!
The Ministry of Food blog
and nip on over to nipitinthebud to read the full post and follow the links to videos etc.I have been twice already and will be visiting again as it is one of the most interesting reads I have come across!


Anna Bee said…
oooh, this looks fab - thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said…
bless you Peggy, I feel all warm and fuzzy now :o)
I wanted to offer a bloggers eye view and capture the ordinary human stories. I had a lovely chat with Steve and we went round the exhibition together while the proper journalists were doing interviews with 94 year old Marguerite Patten (nutritionist who did the 'Kitchen Front' radio broadcasts) and Jane Fearnley-Whittingstalls mum whose written a cookery book with the museum.
cheerio and I hope you'll enjoy the next installment just as much :o)
Anonymous said…
oops, can you edit out the 'mum' bit of my comment. It was Jane F-W who is Hugh F-W's mum (then delete this comment!)
BT said…
Dig for Victory it was called I think, and what a great idea. I once took part in a production to celebrate VE Day and had to be the BBC radio announcer at one point. 'Ladies, don't throw away your cabbage water, use it to make nourishing soup', then we'd all go 'Uuugh'!! It sounds disgusting!
This is a great post... fabulous pics!

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