My niece Catherine has always wanted to write and is now in the process of publishing her first Book!
Catherine spent a year and a half working in Disneyworld in Florida and the book is an Irish girls sometimes hilarious and quirky view of working in this big organization.
Catherine has also had a piece included in a book 'Working your way around the World' a handbook for anyone contemplating doing just that which is published every few years with updates.
Catherine has already self published a book through Blurb 'Catherine and Sheelagh's Central American Adventure' It is a printed account of the blog she wrote while backpacking after working in Disneyworld.That blog has a link on my blog list on the sidebar.
Lots of people would like to write and self publication is one road to take, Catherine is self publishing Mousetrapped to raise funds for another book she is in the process of writing, her first fiction novel which has been accepted by a publishing house!
For anyone interested in the self publishing process and the pitfalls Catherine has started an honest, warts and all blog The Scribbler as she goes through the writing, publishing process.
The book will be available early next year and we are all looking forward to seeing her name in print at last.


Anonymous said…
Congratulations to Catherine! I wish her much success on all her books.

I will check out her blog. I had thought a children's book about Miracle Eve the goat would be nice.
I just may give it a try one day...when I have extra time.

Have a great day.
Jo said…
Well done, Catherine! Wow, that is amazing. I am an aspiring writing ;) and wherever I look writers are self-publishing. It is very popular method here in South Africa. I'm popping over to her blog this minute!
Ann said…
Congratulations to your niece Peggy, what an exciting life she seems to have led and exciting times in front of her.
There is a lot of interest right now in self publishing and I want to go read about this. I'll put her link on my new blog when I get it up and running. Congrats to her also on getting published and living such an interesting fulfilling life.
Anonymous said…
sounds like an interesting read. A friend of ours worked at Disneyland Paris for a few months as a student and he said it was awful. All gaiety and smiles for the visitors and terrible working conditions and pay behind the scenes.
Peggy said…
Pam & Jo, I will pass your congrats on to Catherine and I hope both of you are encouraged to get into print!

Anna, I am sure Catherine will appreciate any help along the way Thank you.

Ann, thanks for good wishes

nipitinthebud, your friend has hit the nail on the head! They may be interested in buying a copy of the book to compare notes!

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