Merry Christmas to All!

May I wish all of my regular readers a very Happy and Peacefull Christmas, thank you for sharing your lives and hobbies with us over the past year as we have gotten to know one another in different parts of the world.To anyone passing through I hope you are enjoying the Christmas season with family and friends.
Christmas time always takes us back to previous times and we think of those who are no longer with us,my late father Billy celebrated his birthday on Christmas Eve. Every Christmas morning my children visit with their children ,over the years it has become a tradition that I cook breakfast (the full Irish).When everyone has left I then visit the graveyard where my parents are buried and share a few minutes with them. This year I may not be able to do that as we have had sub zero temperatures for the last few days and lots of roads are impassible with ice, the road to the cemetery is not a major road so has not been treated with salt.
Top photo is Baby Callum celebrating his first Christmas with big brother Alex.Katie and Jack are also celebrating their first Christmas!
A picture taken some years ago when we had one of our rare White Christmases. Sinead and Aiofe are about 5 and 3 years old I think!All the signs are pointing to a white Christmas for us, there have been snowfalls in other parts of the country but here in the south it has only fallen on the hills and high ground so far.Temperatures are supposed to fall to minus 8 or 9 Celsius tonight!!We don't DO sub zero in the south and are finding it hard going coping with frozen roads etc!
A Christmas long past.The baby on Santa's knee is daughter Aisling who got married 2 weeks ago and the boy standing to the right is baby Callum's Dad and Linda back right is now Mom of 3, daughter Michelle got married in August!All of them now have families of their own so they must begin their own family traditions.
Where ever you are thank you for stopping by, why not say Hi in the spirit of the season?The blessings of Christmas to everyone.


Lynda said…
Wishing you & your family a wonderful Christmas, Peggy - keep warm and I hope that you DO have a white Christmas when you wake up tomorrow morning .... it will make that freezing cold weather worth it, at least ! The children are adorable, love the first photo ... too cute ;) Love the sound of the Irish breakfast, please blog about it sometime in the New Year as I'd love to know what it includes .... yum !
Carolyn gail said…
I know the Irish usually say Happy Christmas but we say "Merry Christmas " . Either way it appears you had a grand one with your family and loved ones around you.

My daughter and her family are there in Cork visiting his family. They told me it was very cold and the icy roads make it treacherous to drive or walk.

Have a wonderful holiday with your family, Peggy and all the best in the coming New Year.
The Tile Lady said…
Precious past photographs! What wonderful memories! I guess you got your white Christmas, at least of ice! I hope you were able to get to the cemetery, but I know your parents understood if you were hindered...Thanks so much for sharing your Christmas with us! I look forward to sharing in the coming year! Thanks for being such a special blogger friend!

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