Allotment after the Storm

A quick visit to the plot to assess any damage done by the recent storms, not all bad but our poor scarecrow did not fare too well even though he is still standing.The cross piece for his arms has come loose and is only held up by the coat sleeves for now. He is standing on a plot we used for onions and since harvesting we have been covering with waste leaves and weeds plus a sowing of a green manure called Phacaelia. He is now nearly knee deep in a nice organic mixture which will be covered (soon) to rest for next year.
The bed behind him has been covered with plastic and we have put on horse manure ,weeds,grass etc and when the cover blew off in the storm I was delighted to see we have a lovely dark organic bed with everything well rotted down.The plastic was pulled back over it to continue its good work.
The Brussel Sprouts also took a battering and the netting blew completely off but there was no bird damage to the stalks.Some of them nearly blew over but the sprouts are growing nicely and we will have some for Christmas dinner. We have harvested quite a lot of them which is why there are hardly any visible on the lower stalks.
The French garlic is doing fine I hope the recent spell of wet weather does not do them too much harm as they hate getting their feet wet!The raised bed may help in that respect.
The organic Irish garlic has finally begun to grow too
Our leeks were shaded from the atrocious wind by the brussel sprouts and are doing OK also
I had cut this parsley right back to ground level when I dried the parsley some time ago. The head has sprouted again and it looks like we will be using fresh not dried parsley for the Christmas stuffing.
I did not do any work on the day as the ground is absolutely soaking and I nearly sunk to my ankles a couple of times so I think leaving the ground recuperate and dry out a bit is the best course of action to take.


mangocheeks said…
Fortunately, the scarecrow will recover : )

My brussels also took a real battering, but they were nothing like yours, they are really small.

Your garlic is also looking splendid. Unfortunately I did not get round to purchasing or planting any for next year.
The parsley does look lush, good job you have some fresh for Christmas.
Jo said…
Peggy, I'm glad the damage was not too extensive. Who gives the scarecrow a make-over? Wow, your parsley is divine.
Ann said…
Good thing your scarecrow had his mac on!!! Looks like everything survived ok, I expected you to say it was all under water. Your parsley really does look healthy doesn't it. Looking forward to seeing how your garlic ends up, I never have luck with it.
Glad you survived the storm although the scarecrow does look a bit brow-beaten.
I started reading this post nervously, after seeing your photographs of local flooding. Wow - how relieved I am to read that actually your plot is relatively undamaged. Great news, you must be thrilled!
FAB garlic BTW!
Peggy said…
mangocheeks,the scarecrow will get some TLC and be as good as new.We have planted garlic each year but something always prevented us from actually having any to harvest.

Jo,I will try and if I don't succeed I will bring in reinforcements!

Ann, yes even scarecrows can do with a mac in this weather!

Latane, thanks we all survived

Scarlett, the plots are up too high for flooding but then get the brunt of the gales. I am keeping my fingers crossed we will be successful with the garlic this year.
Glad not too much was hurt in the storm. Well the scarecrow was dressed for the weather with his jacket on ;-)
Lynda said…
Thanks for sharing these photo's with us, Peggy - poor old Scarecrow ! Although you have some damage, I'm glad to see that you were not completely wiped out. Fresh parsley for the Christmas stuffing sounds - delicious !
petersteel said…
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