Christmas make and do

Christmas is all about tradition and I was looking at some of my decorations and remembering where or how I got them.The fat Santa I brought home from a visit to a Christmas market in Brussels about 8 years ago. It was my first visit to one and it was a fairytale experience with snow and mulled wine and a terrific atmosphere.
This hand crafted and painted glass was bought at a Christmas market in Prague about 5 years ago, I went with two of my daughters.The old town square and Charles bridge are out of a bygone age and beautiful even in freezing cold weather. We all bought some of these but only a few survived the journey home!
This angel was made for me by my grandson Ryan when he was about 4 years old he is now 12,a toilet roll holder and gold and silver pipe cleaners become a Christmas Angel.
Youngest son Barry made this when he was 4 and just started school in 1994.
Barry also made this but there is no date on it, a yogurt carton covered with tinfoil becomes a Christmas bell.
The advent tree is about 20 years old now and came from Avon cosmetics.There are 25 little drawers with a tiny ornament which is hung on the tree every day until Christmas, only one has been mislaid over the years.
I saw these two colours side by side in my wool bag and thought they would be lovely in what else but a 'tea cosy'.A hand made Christmas prezzie.
The polar bear is just gorgeous!Daughter Kathryn has just finished this for niece Katy, it is a baby blanket which is soft and furry.
Grand daughter Gemma is doing Home Economics in School and they made these candle wreath table centres.
Last but definitely not least Gemma also made her first Christmas cake!They made the cakes a few weeks ago and just iced them last week.All of the decorations are sugar icing,there are 3 plum puddings and some elves.
Christmas preparations are in full swing and I will post some more photos soon.


Dirt Princess said…
What wonderful memories each of those items hold! Very special indeed. Gemma did a great job on the cake! I am sure it tastes as good as it looks!
Ann said…
Wonderful collection of decorations and memories Peggy!!! I made the mince pies with your pastry recipe, they are the best I've ever made, usually I don't eat them but I can't resist these - thanks.
Catherine said…
Love these Peggy! They are really great to keep over the years and I love the retro tea cosy - do you have the pattern?? I must try to knit one sometime! I made a nice scarf from wool I got in Lidl - a kit for €3 - lovely chenille balls with yarn in between and I knitted the scarf over two evenings on size 0 needles or 8mm - got confused as I knitted them on size 8 UK till I realised the error - Lidl pattern was for 8mm. Anyway I gave it to pregnant girlfriend of our oldest as she has a nice houndstooth coat it matches. Anyway I hope you had a great Christmas - loved the Cribs post too. And you have snow there today (jan. 2nd) Talk again, Catherine

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