Pumpkins, Potatoes and things that go bump!

We have been on a pumpkin trail all day today!The two girls spent the morning at the Lifetime Lab on the Lee Road just outside the city, it is a fabulous facility for natives and tourists alike.Water has been supplied from the site since the 1760's! The old buildings and machinery have been restored and there is now a visitor centre and tours of the buildings. There are various educational workshops for schools throughout the year and occasional specials for something like Halloween.The girls did some science projects, colouring and cut out pumpkins and each child got to bring home their handiwork.Well worth a visit if you are ever in the vicinity.
Zwena had arranged for a press photographer to come to the plots in the afternoon to take some photos of the children with the pumpkins.While waiting I strolled around, Mike has a potato experiment going on here,he planted potatoes in deep pots , earthed them up and is trying hay piled around these ones with plastic covers to protect from frost. he intends to be harvesting for Christmas!
Mike's garlic is also up and his winter onions are looking good also
Aoife, Sinead and Kevin with their pumpkins which they grew, Aoife won first prize for the heaviest, she could not hold it up!
Baby Jack came along with his family, he was too small to sit into the photos so the wheel barrow was ideal for him.
Zwena enjoying the fun with the children
Zwena with the group, it was impossible to keep them all together as they wanted to check out the pumpkins
We had Dracula,vampires,devils and Shuin was a nice fairy as she does not like being scary!


Taste of Beirut said…
So much fun! I am planning to devote my life to gardening soon (and cooking and blogging) and I think I will specialize in mulberries!
Ann said…
Those original pumping stations(?) are amazing aren't they, glad it's being preserved.

Looks like the kids were enjoying the pumpkins!
Matron said…
I just adore the picture of baby Jack! That is one that you will keep and embarrass him with when he is a teenager!

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