Birthday Shed & Seed Surprises!

The birthday shed was supposed to arrive on Wed but one of the delivery men had flu so it only came yesterday.They had it up and put together in minutes. I did not have time to put anything into it as by the time it was finished I had to leave for the school so today I am going out to move 'stuff' into it.It is only 6'x4' which is enough as I did not want it taking up too much ground space.
Youngest son Barry came out with me for his first visit to the allotment, he spent the time drawing wheelbarrow loads of manure to cover the new raised bed, which will now be covered with black membrane and left until Spring.He was very pleased with the whole set up and will come out again he said, he has volunteered to give the shed a coat of wood preservative before winter sets in.
The garlic is up, well I should say some of it is up. I had put in organic Irish grown and some french and it is only the french which is up so far but it is looking good.
This morning's surprise was new plants in the plastic greenhouse at home! I had taken seeds directly from the sweet peas and got some wall flower seeds from a friend's plants and had put them into seed trays. I had completely forgotten about them for the past week so it was a pleasant surprise to go in this morning and see nice healthy seedlings popping up.These are the wallflowers, all have germinated. I love old fashioned wallflowers as they have a beautiful scent.
I had taken the seed pods directly from the plants, they were brown so I assumed had dried out and I just popped them into the seed trays.These are the sweet peas, most have germinated but the taller ones will have to go into deeper pots now as they have a long root system.It is nice to see new growth now preparing for the Spring.
The birthday celebrations still in progress, my own family called last evening, I am the eldest of the four! My only brother Tom on the left, myself, Mary and Kathleen who has a blog also.We had a lovely evening tracing family history and are in the process of doing a family tree, more about that later as we make some progress, as a lot of our relatives had emigrated to the UK and America.


Yay Peggy - make it last as long as possible! Personally I have been known to have a birthday week, fortnight and even month before now. Any excuse for a celebration!

I adore wallflowers and had a glorious show of them this summer up on the allotment bank, with the sweetest scent ever, which the bees and butterflies loved.

I'm a wee bit envious that you have a shed. I'd love a shed but have nowhere to put one!
Anonymous said…
I love your birthday shed.
It sounds as if you are having a wonderful birthdays!

It was so nice you got to spend time with your brother and sisters too.
I'll have to check out their blog.

Have a great weekend,Peggy.
Ann said…
Nice lot of seeds coming up Peggy, you're off to a fast start. Glad to hear your birthday celebrations are ongoing, great fun for you to mark this special one.
Things just keep coming up at your place. You must have the greenest thumb ever. And, a ton of energy.
You constantly amaze me with what you have growing in your life.
sharonl said…
I'm loving your shed Peggy, and Happy Birthday. Your certainly off to an early start...hmmm maybe I should be buying some seeds!!
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy, Thanks for posting on my blog. I just had to come over and visit yours. I love to garden too. We have a small back yard at this house so the veggie garden is small. Happy Birthday too. YOu have a wonderful blog.

Carla said…
Happy Happy 60th!!! I know what I want for my next birthday now, a shed and manure hauler/spreader!!!

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