The Big 60 Birthday Celebrations

Not a lot of gardening has been done this week as the big 60 loomed and was duly celebrated. I don't feel a day older than I did this time last week so I think age is really a state of mind.It was an evening of surprises as I thought we were just going for a quiet meal with the family members who could attend as it was mid week and they all had work commitments, but they all turned up apart from Linda who was sick and another daughter who is living abroad. Me blowing out the candles, thank God they had the sense not to put 60 candles on it or the fire brigade would have been gate crashing the party!
Immediate family who were there, 6 out of 8 was good
Extended family some in laws and soon to be inlaws
The big surprise was a stretch limo to take us to the restaurant! My first time being in one, and we had the champagne on hand to celebrate the occasion.
The limo group outside, someone said we were holding up traffic but I think a stretch limo is entitled to hold up traffic for a few minutes!They all went to an awfull lot of trouble to organize the night, the grandchildren had made cards and sent me garden related gifts, I had a memorable birthday and would like to thank them all for a wonderfull evening.


HAPPY, HAPPY 60th, Peggy. It looks like you had a lovely evening with family and that's the best way to celebrate.
Dirt Princess said…
What a wonderful birthday! I am glad you had a great time (or atleast it looks like you did). Enjoy your day!
mangocheeks said…
Happy Belated Birthday.
You look fabulous, not a day over 60.
The Tile Lady said…
Happy Birthday Peggy! You look fantastic! And I can tell you were having a wonderful time! How lovely to have so many of your family there...and a stretch limo....woooeie! I'm so glad you had such a great celebration. Many, many more!
Ann said…
Beautiful picture of you Peggy, you have a lovely family, looks like it was an evening to remember.
Lynda said…
Hope that you had a fantastic birthday, Peggy - looks like you had a great time & how lovely to be surrounded by your family on your special day .... love the stretch limo, too !
Great - what fun! Happy Birthday Peggy. I must say you look amazing for 60 - what's the secret?!!
Anonymous said…
You look ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS...and what a fantastic family you have, planning such a FUN celebration for you!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
Peggy said…
Thank you all for the good wishes,I hope to get around to visiting blogs again this week.
Anonymous said…
Happy belated birthday Peggy.
I think the limo was a wonderful idea!
I know you enjoyed it all because your family was with you.
I agree with all the rest. You do look great!

Have a wonderful weekend.
Linda said…
Congratulations! You look absolutely radiant in these photos. And you're right, age is an attitude of mind.
Catherine said…
Happy Birthday Peggy! I missed this post so I didn't realise it was your big day, love the stretch limo - nothing like excess once in a while! Your blog looks good, pumpkins and all! Also looked at your facebook photos of the music gig. You are often close to Lismore, when you are in North or east Cork. Take care and enjoy Hallowe'en with those great pumpkins!

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