Corrigans City farm & Parisian Macaroons

Corrigans City farm is back on our Tv screens for another run. This time he is revisiting the two city allotments to check on their progress and he also visited our plots in late July a snippet of which was seen on last nights show.Our scarecrow made his Tv debut!They may or may not show more of the visit as parts of it become relevant to the programme content.Our allotments looked good and various plotters can be seen working away in the background on a lovely sunny day.
Parisian macaroons!I pirated this photo from my sister Kathleen's blog on Talesfromagarden, her son was spending a few days in Paris and was dispatched with instructions on where to go for these macaroons which she had read about on another blog.The macaroons are world famous it seems! To read about them visit Kathleen's blog and maybe if a trip to Paris is on the cards you can find out where to get them.
We spent some time on the plot today again between school and music lessons.The girls had great fun pulling down the runner beans. I cut the ties and cut the plants at ground level,leaving the roots in place to set nitrogen in the soil for next year. They pulled up the bamboo canes and unwound the bean plants which were added to the pile of composting material on another bed.
I brought down a few barrowloads of manure for the same bed. This bed had the onions in this year , it has been nearly covered now with composting material ,lots more manure to go on it and then covered with weed suppressant ready for next year.All of the 'old' plot will be treated the same way with permanent raised beds put in place and none of them are going to be dug just covered in this way.
I put a query on gardeners forum about the control of wire worm as we all seem to have more of a problem with slugs than blight in the potatoes.I know introducing nematodes is one way of treating them but I don't think we are too happy with that solution!
We have no school tomorrow as it is voting day (again) for the Lisbon Treaty so hopefully if the weather is dry we will get to spend some time on the plot. While this spell of dry weather is with us we must try to get as much as we can done for next year because we know from experience that once it starts raining here it forgets to stop!


Ann said…
Let me know if you find an answer to the slug and wire worm problem won't you Peggy, we have a very bad slug and snail situation. I bought some Slug Blocker liquid, it worked well but easily washed away with the rain.
Lynda said…
I hope we eventually get this show here in Africa - I'll look out for it & let you know ! The macaroons look lovely & so colourful, too ....
The Tile Lady said…
Lots of rewarding work! I missed most of your summer posts and have now started trying to play catch up. Glad you got the tv coverage! Wonderful! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting some even when I wasn't on here much! Have missed most of you since I went to AZ for two months in the spring (no computer!)and then had our grandson here for a month & 1/2....just really got behind!

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