Nearly There

This is the most up to date photo I have.As you can see we brought in the heavy guns this year.That is my partner Ed with gardener in chief Kevin in attendance as always.
The bed in the foreground (black triangular bit to the left) was dug for the first time this year in February. We left an old carpet over it for the winter to kill off the grass and weeds...ED is actually standing on it in the photo as it was doing service on that bed then.
There are second early potatoes planted there now. Mike one of the more experienced members on the allotments advised me to dig out the potato beds and line drills with manure before the winter set in, we have an everlasting supply of the stuff as there is a livery stables on the land also. That was another job we did not get around to, so we were out in the cold in february doing it.
The next bed has onions and the asparagus is in the left side of it.
Again Mike said to get in the onions and garlic before the winter and they would settle in and grow away as soon as the ground heated up in Spring. Again we did not do it and even though we got them in fairly early, you should see the difference betwwen Mike's onions and ours!!


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