From strawberries to Potato blight!

I begged some hay from the livery stables to put under the strawberries to raise them off the ground.There is quite a good crop of them this year.We did not buy any plants, the ones we have were growing all over plot.I moved them up into one bed and cut back any runners to strengthen the plants and to let them concentrate on just growing.They should be naturalised by now to our site.
Bought 10 cauliflower plants and 10 Brussels Sprout plants in Atkins on the Carrigrohane rd and a Pumpkin!
We attended a meeting last night about allotments and community gardens ( more on this later) and discovered Potato Blight has reared its ugly head already, not on our allotments Thank God. I am told it should not appear until after 15th June but we have been having very humid and warm(ish) weather and the conditions are right for it. We were told to get Bordeaux mixture to spray. I thought Bordeaux only came in the red and white variety! This is mixed with water and sprayed at intervals. I bought a bright red watering can so no one will use it for watering!
I only sprayed the early potatoes as they have blossoms on them. We have done too much hard work to lose them to blight.
For any of you who might be interested it was consecutive years of potato blight that caused the Great Famine in Ireland.


fiftypushing said…
I adore strawberries - reminds me of the fantastic ones that were in the shops in Scotland one year - maybe it was just the perfect weather at the time. In Cape Town our soil is so poor near the sea that my husband is seriously thinking of going into hydroponics.
Peggy said…
Hi,fiftypushing, the strawberries in the photo are not ours!We do have quite a good crop but none fit to pick as yet!Thanks for visit and comment.
Anonymous said…
thank goodness we've come to rely on more food other than the potato then!
Linda :)

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