Lollo Rosso!

This is another photo from last year. This was the very first piece of produce we had from the allotment! Who was more deserving than Kevin to be photographed with it!
Last year we had a great 3 weeks in April, we thought there would be a drought by June it was so hot.Lots of veg. grew apace but the weather changed dramatically and anything that was not protected died a death or did not recover sufficiently .
The lettuce grew huge!! and one of the drawbacks if we can not get out there every day is that some veg just grows to seed!
This year we have not set any lettuce out there, I have set salad leaves in a window box at home .This way I don't have to pull up a whole head at a time. I can just pull off the amount of leaves I need. I will sow seeds in succession for the summer and the plan is to have fresh salad leaves until the end of Sept at least!

Summer 2008 is looking to be a non runner at the moment. Temperatures are down and its windy most days and wet some days. We Irish are very optimistic about the weather, the first thing we do every morning is open the curtains to check if it is sunny or wet! That is if we hav'nt been woken by the sound of the rain beating off the window!
So yes, one swallow does make a summer and one hot day does mean a heatwave!


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