Clearing and planning

Stephen, taken last April '07. he did the back breaking work on weekends and evenings.Our plot is behind him here, we pulled up the black covering which was only nurturing the dreaded bindweed ! This bed now has raspberries,blueberries, strawberries, a gooseberry and a blackcurrant bush. I also have a few Lavender plants.It is going to remain a permanent fruit bed.
This year the raspberry canes have been cut back and some of the new growth as well , because they were starting to take over the ground.The strawberries are covered with plastic tunnels...Thank God as there are lots of blossoms on them and the weather has changed back to cold and wet again.
Lots of blossoms on the Blueberries , they had too last year but I think the birds got the fruit before we did! We will be ready for them this year.
We have a bumper crop of gooseberries, the bush is covered in them.


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