Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dunsland Walled Garden

I went to Dunsland garden centre yesterday for my Asparagus plants and returned this morning for 3 more and with my camera.I had seen the old walled kitchen garden yesterday and today asked for permission to take some photos.
Dunsland is a big garden centre on the eastern side of the city, it overlooks the harbour and is a big old rambling area. It is a great place to browse and look because no matter how many people are there it is never crowded and the owner Peter Dowdall is nearly always on hand with advice. I took lots of photos so they will have very short captions!
The entrance is through the shop.

The old walled kitchen garden is in the process of being restored and it is stunning even in the middle of construction!Old and new live side by side, this is an old cold frame which now houses the cucumbers, pumpkins etc.
Rhubarb makes a statement in raised beds as a border
Tiered beds with peas and salad crops against the old wall.
Caned archway between beds ( very copyable)!
Circular raised bed with sweetcorn,onions and salad crops among the flowers
Pots and containers of all shapes and sizes
These boots were made for planting!
This is a shaded area with a mirror in the wall under the ivy reflecting the small pond. This was made a number of years ago in conjunction with a TV programme if I remember correctly.Peter has also assisted the Ground Force team when they were in Ireland.
Part of the old Victorian greenhouse railed off.I asked what the arches were and it was how they heated the greenhouse way back. Turf or manure was packed into these spaces to generate heat above
Square yard planting with a difference, marigolds mark out the beds instead of box hedging or timber
Simple composter of netted wire and poles in the centre of this raised bed.
Italian look to this part of the garden. Old walls have been reused where possible
I wonder what tales these antique garden seats could tell of croquet on the lawn and moonlight trysts?!
Green lamp posts, topairy reaching for the sky
After wandering around I made my way back to the shop where these beautiful baskets were on sale
Some of the produce on sale.
An old dog basking in the sunshine, Sam is 14 and arthritic.A lovely lady called Jay serves a 'dacent' cup of tea and scones and you can sit out in the sunshine and wonder will you go back and buy that plant you wanted.An old Clematis Montana is ready to burst into bloom. Nothing here is shaved and tidied but allowed to grow naturally over walls and buildings.
The decking area and you can just see the 'Potty' sheds in the background.

Overlooking the garden centre is this old tower, known as Fr Matthew's Tower.It has been renovated and is now a stately residence.It is a landmark on the eastern side of the city.
Dunsland now host a farmer's market once a month and sells the produce from the garden with plant sales etc.There are lots of plans for the future to make it even more attractive as a garden centre and a great day out.


Ann said...

I really enjoyed this 'visit' to the walled garden Peggy, they are so fascinating and I always feel as though the atmosphere is still there from when they were in their heyday. I loved that bamboo arch and seeing the brick arches where turf was packed for the heating. I really must visit your part of the world some day, it looks so full of interesting things.

Kathleen said...

Its a while since I was in this garden centre but after your post I feel a visit is a must! I remember walking around that walled garden but it was wild then. There seems to be a lot more on offer now and a cup of tea to round off the visit never goes astray!

Peggy said...

Hi Ann, Cork is the 'real' capital of Ireland and you have not lived until you visit!!

Kathleen, a visit is well overdue so.If you saw the garden before renovation you will really appreciate it now.

ga.farmwoman said...

Hi Peggy,
I loved seeing the Dunsland garden centre. It is beautiful. Makes me want to work harder in my garden.
I liked the idea of the marigolds for the borders, too.

And that tower! Wouldn't it be wonderful to have your own tower?

I think it will be hard for them to make it all any more beautiful than it is already!
Great tour.

Have a good day.
Maybe it isn't as hot there as it is here(100F)

Kellee said...

Hi,I love the canned arch what a great idea for in raised beds, and yes very copyable just need to think about where to put one, and what to grow over it, how lucky to have a garden centre with such history.

Peggy said...

Pam, glad you enjoyed the tour I love visiting old places like this and best of all it is free!Temps here are hot for us ,it is in the low 20's C.

Kellee, I love visiting places where there are ideas to 'borrow'.I read your blog and best of luck with the jungle garden!