Thursday, May 13, 2010

Greenhouse Update

To make some room at home I took out more plants to the allotment yesterday.The yard long beans, peas and sweet pea are in this bed into which I dug in some bags of compost from the bin at home.I put a short windbreak around the bed before I went home as we are still experiencing biting north easterly winds, great for keeping the volcanic ash cloud away but not much good for anything else.I read that to make sweet peas grow straight for exhibition showing to take off the tiny tendrils that the plant grows for support.They cling on to anything and usually mine twist themselves around anything close by.I will leave the tendrils on after a couple of weeks when the plants are stronger and have grown a little.In the background a bed in progress, this is the bed we have rested for nearly a year topping it up with compost and grass clippings.I also set Phacaella last year.I dug over the bed and the soil is in great condition.It has now been edged with boards and with another layer of compost will be ready for cucumbers,courgettes and pumpkins.The potatoes have been earthed up but frost may have got one or two leaves. We are still getting quite hard frost in the early mornings
The mangetout got the same tendril treatment as the sweet pea and they seem to be growing up the poles at last
Flowers on the broad beans
The walk in plastic greenhouse at home, I am glad I did not remove the bubble wrap from the inside when we had the few days of sunny weather!Gardner's delight, Moneymaker and 100's & 1000's growing OK
The sweetcorn is slow but sure and will not go out to the plot for a while yet methinks
Lettuce and Derby Day summer cabbage.The lettuce sowing is being staggered, there is lettuce planted on the plot and we are still using the winter lettuce from the unheated greenhouse on the plot. Seeds sown in the greenhouse at home are, barlotti beans,a second sowing of peas and nicotania flowers.
I have one bedroom windowsill back in service as my Spanish student has returned home.In trays here are Sunflowers, Dill,basil,Coriander,french beans,pumpkins and peppers.I am not planting too much of any of these seeds as a few strong plants will be more than enough, lesson learned over the years!

Second sowing of peppers, the first ones never germinated and these sorry looking specimens went in on 9th April, they were out in the greenhouse wrapped in bubble wrap but have now been brought back into ICU and I think they look a little perkier after a couple of days.
Thanks for the comments about the rhubarb flowers in the previous post, I will pass on the advice to the relevant owners.


Matron said...

I look forward to seeing how your yard long beans fare. I tried to grow them last year and they reached a full 8"...the whole plant, not the beans. Best of luck (or I might even get to see them for myself!!)

ninasgardeningnotebook said...

Hi Peggy, I can't believe how busy you have been, your plot and greenhouse are looking great. I need to start to plant things out but the weather has been so cold. I haven't sown my peppers yet due to lack of space in the greenhouse, same for sweetcorn so hopefully the weather will perk up soon so I can get them on the go.

Amila Kanchana said...

Great,great work!

Peggy said...

Matron, they are about that height now but I think a few of them got a touch of frost the first night they went out and if you have time you very well may see them!

Nina,we are still getting frost here and we are south of the country with the gulf stream but it makes no difference.If my peppers are anything to go by you will be in plenty of time sowing them

Amila, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

Ann said...

Thanks for the hint about the mange tout tendrils, I'll do that asap. Looking forward to seeing your sweet peas, I love them.

I wonder when we'll see the end of the very cold winds, I'm glad I've got that protective mesh over my raised beds.

Scarlett the Heavenly Healer said...

Oooh, the walk-in greenhouse looks to have been a big success. I've been looking at them recently, wondering how I would fit one into my teeny tiny garden.....
I may have to enjoy vicariously through yours!

Stella said...

I wish my tomato plants were coming on as well as yours are. I have them in my conservatory and they just don't seem to be moving at all. The weather here (south west England) is supposed to be getting warmer in the next few days. Let's hope so!

how to build a greenhouse said...

I can't believe how everything turned out! Everything seemed to be in the right place.