Too Busy to Blog!!

I have been too busy to spend time blogging, I have got my new website up online thanks to D. Linda who has just finished a web design course and my site was her first project. I have had a site online for a couple of years selling Irish music cds & dvds all over the world but it needed a new image and I am very happy with the result.There are still a couple of pages to go up,one for the the dvds and the photo gallery but so far the orders are coming in!
Visit the website on

My niece Catherine had her book launch on Sat in a local book store and it was a huge success.Many of you may remember Catherine went through the self publish route to get her book in print, it is selling online on Amazon,Barnes & Noble and on her own site but it is now selling mainstream on a real life book shelf where people can pick it up browse before buying.Catherine's website is here and you can read how she went about publishing, there is also a permanent link on my blog roll. Big news is she has a publisher for the next one which is a novel!We are all very proud of her achievement so well done Catherine!
Photo is of myself,D.Aisling and two of her 3 boys Kevin & Scott with Catherine at the book signing.
There was a carousel outside the shopping centre and Kevin & Scott had a ride, the photo looks as if they are joy riding through traffic but they were quite safe on a plaza!
I have been on the plot most days either in the morning or sometimes late in the evening, I had to work around having 2 students in the house and most days forgot to take the camera!Lots of digging done and plants taken out,I will do a complete post on that hopefully tomorrow?!
The allotment is surrounded by natural woodland and I had been waiting for the bluebells to come out, they were late due to the cold winter but did not dissappoint.Ferns are starting to unfurl their fronds in the dappled sunshine coming through the trees and make some weird shapes!
A view through the woods showing the bluebells, they are scattered in patches all over the ground with wild garlic intermingling.

This photo is for Ger's friend Tomas who has returned home, Tomas was involved in the start up of the plot with Ger helping with the fencing and digging. Ger now has the whole plot turned over and green shoots are up in most beds, it is all fenced with raised beds and there is not an unproductive inch of space allowed!

On our own plot, the brussel sprouts & greyhound cabbage are out in the brassica bed with cauliflower,calabrese,turnips & spinach.
Spring onions are out on the salad bed which has been composted and fleece put in place for the lettuce seedlings to join them.
The bean bed has been shifted and bamboo poles are in position for beans & sweet peas.
The sweetcorn bed has been extended as all of the plants have germinated, I am in the process of emptying one of the compost bins at home and drawing it out to the plot for this bed.
That is just a quick update photos to follow!


PeggyR said…
Ah thank you bringing us up to date. It sounds like you have been very busy!
Anonymous said…
Heard Finbarr Dennehy on the radio tonite as I was driving around 103 fm singing something like the old accordion box it was lovely and I said to myself it sounded like FD.!
Looking forward to the Echo maybe this Thurs. or next!Kathleen
James K said…
any idea what that plant is in the 3rd photo? I have inherited one in my new garden!
The Tile Lady said…
How are you our dear Irish friend!? I am no longer blogging, per se as you know, and I miss everyone so much!!!! This post was wonderful! I know you must be VERY proud of your niece! And the cd website is wonderful. Sweet pictures of family and of the gardening. I feel a little "caught up." Do miss you, though, and wanted to say hi!
The Tile Lady said…
PS--Just looked at Catherine's website! How delightful! She's a true wit! I HAVE to read her book!

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