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Yesterday was spent catching up on work at home,everything needed re potting ASAP.I spent all day up to late in the evening determined to get it finished.The tumbling pots were planted up with busy lizzie and lobelia, the big pot has cape daisy and lobelia with a bacoba, as one flowered all summer last year
The flower bed is coming into bloom, I was surprised so much survived the winter, even the peony rose has a number of blooms,lupins,blue cornflower,hosta and a bank of white aubretia no space left for weeds!
Sam has his hang dog look on for the camera!The sunshine in the background is the sun shining from the front of the house, by midday it has moved around to the back of the house and it is a sun trap.Everything needs watering each evening.

Tomatoes were all potted on, some of these are going out to the greenhouse in the allotment,there are gardeners delight,moneymaker and 100's & 1000's.There are blossom on some of the plants and I have begun a tomato feed now, while pinching out the side shoots also.
In there also are pumpkins,courgettes and cucumber, just a few of each all going out to the allotment in a week or so as soon as the nights warm up a little.
The bedroom windowsill ,these peppers are slow but with the heat of the past week have grown enough to pot on.
The peppers and dill, last year I left the dill to grow long and spindly and they never really made good plants.
There are 60 basil plants in a plug tray, we have never had any luck with basil so hoping even a few make it to adult plants!Coriander plants in the pots.
Outside hardening off are sweetcorn, only 13 left of the 16 which germinated.Derby day summer cabbage and more lettuce.
Sunflowers in the tray on the gravel
Snapdragons by the score!They were in seed trays and have proved they not only survive on neglect but actually thrive on it,my kind of plant!I searched out every plant tray I could and they have all been potted up, some have assumed weird shapes as the ones on the outside of the previous trays grew up but the ones in the middle grew around them to get air and light.
More snapdragons

These little ones are the stars as they had been discarded under the hedge as I thought they were dead but they have made small bushy plants, much hardier than the others.
I had pinched out the growing tips on some and they have new growth coming up from the base of the plant instead of one stalk.


Matron said…
that is definitely a hang dog expression! What an exciting time of year, everything seems to be coming on leaps and bounds now. Your tomato plants are wonderful!
Ann said…
I was amazed at the pictures in your previous post, everything is really growing well. We are having to water too, some of my salad leaves have bolted and I've had to nip out the flowers.

I think some things enjoyed the cold winter, I'm sure a lot of my flowering plants are doing better than usual.
Anna Bee said…
Just wondering if your yard long beans are doing OK? Mine had a great start, but then turned yellow and died - I think it may have been a few cold nights too many, though there were in a mini greenhouse...
Peggy said…
Matron,Sam hates anything being pointed at him and assumes that expression!Rain and heat is bringing everything on including the weeds! Fingers crossed for the tomatoes now.

Ann, I find the same with the flowering shrubs and perennials, they have put on huge growth and flowers this year.

Anna Bee: the yard long beans had a bit of a halt after being put out but there is new green growth so again fingers crossed.

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