Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pictures tell the Story

Took quite a few photos today as it was sunny, very cold but sunny!I spent a couple of hours on the plot and even though I was digging I needed my jacket and fleece on together.The fields surrounding the allotments were a hive of activity, 2 tractors were ploughing at a great rate. The crows and seagulls were following close behind.
The finished field, this would probably have taken a couple of days of hard physical labour for men and horses in the old days
The second field also ploughed this morning, the seagulls and what seemed like hundreds of swallows darting about the drills
Scarecrow stands guard, behind him the new onion bed which I dug and raked today. I did not plant anything just to give the ground a while to settle and putting my small onions into freezing cold ground probably would not do much good.
The flower bed at the back of the house at home, it was still sunny in the late afternoon so I spent some time pulling out dead frosted leaves and foliage,emptying compost from flower pots and generally tidying up.
I have 2 clumps of crocosimia and they had been burned brown with the frost, I was in the process of pulling away the dead leaves when I noticed bright green underneath! This prompted me to stay out for a while and clean up some more.
A single yellow crocus blooming in the stone flower bed.
The whole flower bed,still needs a lot of care but lots of daffodils are up.
Granny's Bonnet survived the frost and snow, us grannies are tough!
I thought the Peony Rose had had it with just blackened stalks left but when I pulled away the winter debris I found these two little babies peeping up.
The red Hot Poker was another brown slushy specimen but when the brown leaves were removed new growth was trying to come through.
The weather here continues very cold but at least while it is dry we can work outside.


Veg and Flower Time said...

Have to agree there with u Peggy, lovely bright day, but boy was it cold, someone commented snow may be on the way again, hope not. I'm sure you'll see that I agree with your theory on 'pictures tell the story'.

That 'blackvillage' blog looks good.


Jo said...

Oh now I know what those plants of mine are at home: Granny's bonnets! Thanks Peggy. You are a hardworking lady. I love the single crocus.

Ann said...

I don't know how you can stand being outside in this weather Peggy!! You are braver than me. Lovely to see the crocus though.

Peggy said...

Veg and flower time: I hope we don't get anymore snow!I clicked on your link to the blackvillage blog and got some good ideas for sowing my spring onions.
Jo: I know they have a horticultural name but to me they are granny's bonnets!
Ann: it was sunny but very cold, today was much colder so I have not ventured out!