Things are looking up!

A couple of hours spent on the plot today, yielded an onion bed or almost an onion bed.Digging out skutch grass is back breaking and time consuming, not to mention the stones! We have a lot of plants in pots waiting their turn to get a home but with our time constraints its slow going and time is running out for the plants.
 All of the potatoes are up and have now been earthed up twice, they may have been late going in but the recent combination of heat and rain has driven everything up.

The onions loved the polytunnel but today they have been put outside to harden off. They are in the shelter of the polytunnel as this new plot is a very windy spot.The modules have worked well and the onions will planted out with very little if any root disturbance.

This pic was taken last week when they were inside with the tomato plants and sweetcorn which by today had really put on a growth spurt.

 Lettuce was transplanted into the border and a row of Spinach was sown on the inside, I am actually enjoying the polytunnel and looking forward to seeing what we can grow in there.
The weather has reverted to cold and windy after the recent Thunder storms, we have not had very much rain here in the south but other parts of the country had.
Dublin and the east are on an orange weather alert for tomorrow when there will be hundreds of  kids heading up for the One Direction concerts!


PeggyR said…
Everything is looking good!
Ann said…
Glad you are getting on well with the polytunnel, I think they are very useful. We've had torrential rain here again, though it is warm. I can't do digging anymore, I miss it strangely enough. Sounds like this year is going to be bad for slugs after the mild winter and damp weather.
Stewart Dorman said…
It's all looking good Peggy.
Peggy said…
PeggyR, thanks Peggy we are getting there slowly. a bed at a time!
Peggy said…
Ann, I can see myself either getting a bigger one next year or a second one the same size instead of trying to grow in our Irish climate!the temps dropped away back here and there has been almost gale force winds but today is hot and humid so defintley snail weather!
your garden is coming along nicely Peggy, you and your family have done a fantastic job...I'd thought I'd be planting something eatable in my yard but with a tree in the front and huge tree in the back (which shades the entire back yard) I figure I have the south side of the house to use. There's a cement pad next to house (actually for trash bins) but I figure I could use it to grow some veggies in containers next fall/winter/spring. Summers are so brutal here, I decided anything I put there would burn up.

Interesting about what Ann said, I miss the digging too :)
Peggy said…
Theanne,picking the right spot is important and saves on labour in the long run. There is something very therapeutic about digging, it grounds us and keeps us in touch with our ancestors I think.

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