Filling the Beds

The onions were moved out to a bed and were covered with plastic for a night or two but are now facing the elements but its not too bad as the weather has really  improved . We don't have a lot of onions this year as they were planted in modules awaiting a plot!I left a bed of autumn sown onions on the old allotment, I am sure the new owner will appreciate them.
Another bed up and running!The onions went into what was going to be the courgette bed but at Billy's suggestion we made yet another bed and popped in the courgettes, sugar snap peas and random lettuces as they were all in pots in the polytunnel and needed their own space.They are draped with fleece overnight and left to enjoy the sun for a few hours during the day.
They were planted out yesterday morning and this morning one of the peas was nibbled down despite the fleece and netting around the back of the bed, definitely rabbit damage!
There are 6 courgette plants, 3 green and 3 yellow. We did not have any luck with the yellow ones last year they just died off after producing a few  tiny fruits.
The base for another bed dug out, this one is for the sweetcorn as they are overdue to go out. Skutch grass is a nightmare and stones and more stones!This will be raised bed number 4 and that will  take the pressure off the polytunnel
We planted 24 Sweetcorn seeds of which only 17 have germinated, they were planted into seed trays and then into 3" pots and then into these larger pots. The remaining plants are strong and ready to be planted out. I put them out in the sunshine today measuring them up in their  bed. The seeds could have been planted directly into the 3" pots and saved on some of the work but at that stage the bedroom windowsill couldn't cope with any more pots!
The victim of all that skutch grass and stones! This is a very cheap fork bought for €5.99 in Woodies DIY, it has done trojan work, bending but not breaking, Billy can straighten it out again and it will live to dig another day.
 We are heading off on our annual visit to Bloom in Phoenix Park in Dublin, it begins tomorrow and runs until Monday.


bad rabbit...perhaps some hasenpfeffer in your future :) I don't envy you the dirt clods, the rocks and the grass (we had what was called wiregrass) ...we had all three in our gardens when I was growing up. and guess whose job it was to get them out of the garden :) I'm still loving that pronged tool!
Ann said…
Good to see you are getting things planted out and that the weather improved. It's been rain, rain, rain here, no gardening done. I remember my grandad wheeling me up to his allotment in a wheel barrow before I could walk. He got someone with a stoat to come and get rid of the rabbits that had a burrow there.
Stewart Dorman said…
Looking good Peggy
Peggy said…
Theanne, your wiregrass is probably the same thing as skutch grass. The tool is working away grand!
Peggy said…
Ann, weather is slowly improving but we get one really good hot day and then about 3 or 4 cool wet days.I have not seen the rabbits in this allotment but I know they are there. Lovely memory to have of your Grandfather
Peggy said…
Stewart, thanks it is coming along slowly. There wont be much more put in this year just try to get it ready for next year.

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