Getting Started

I took the weekend off so decided this evening once the rain had dried off to get some onions started. I know they should be in by now but the area earmarked for them is under a sheet of plastic until we get time to clear and dig it out for them!
I planted them into compost in module trays so they will not have their roots disturbed when planting out. The modules are in the empty tunnel for the moment, it may as well start earning its keep. The heat may bring them on as they are behind other onions I have seen planted already.
There is condensation in the tunnel each time we open it up which will create humidity which may or may not be a good thing?! Its our first time using a tunnel so this season is going to be a learning curve.
All of the seedlings on the windowsill are well up and will need repotting into separate pots now from the seed trays, more about that soon.


Ann said…
Good to see you blogging again Peggy. I see you got a polytunnel, I love mine, had some very good results last year, it took a bit of getting used to and I did wonder if I'd done the right thing but I'm happier with it now.
Peggy said…
Thanks Ann, its only a small one and out on the allotment but we will see how it goes, I have found it useful already in shifting out seedlings and freeing up my bedroom windowsill!

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