Still Plotting

I collected Aoife from school and we went to the allotment, while Aoife did her homework in the tea room I did some quiet digging as it was a beautiful sunny afternoon. We are having a lovely Autumn at least but it gets chilly about 4.30 pm. I had turned over the ground here last week intending to cover it with  weed suppressant and move the rooted Globe artichokes over here.Now I am thinking I may turn it into a type of herbaceous bed with the G.A and lots of flowers for colour. This bed runs along the pathway between our plot and Angela & Peter's. We don't need a fence between us but a nice useful flower bed would be good.

Some flowers still blooming on the allotment.These are Dianthus ( Sweet Williams) they are tiny but I don't remember any label on them saying miniature?!They have flowered all summer and continue to brighten the bed.

Another aubergine on one of our 3 grafted plants, we have never had any success with these before but they have produced nice sized plants about 4 to 5 ins long, each plant has given us approx 4 so far and as you can see there are still a few to go.
The grafted midi cucumbers are the star of the show as they continue to produce fruit.These are clustered at the very top of a plant, we had 3 in total.They are a nice firm cucumber with a mild taste.

Our 3 pepper plants did not do so well, there was 1 pepper on each of 2 plants the 3rd one did nothing.This looks  lovely but on closer inspection on the other side is a hole where it looks as if something bored into it.The pepper on the other plant had a similar fate, so no home grown peppers for us.

.The tomatoes were a mixed bag but as I have said before it was not a good year to trial tomatoes in Ireland especially in a cold greenhouse. They did produce quite a lot of fruit but were late which is probably why we have such a lot of green tomatoes at this time of year. The Elegance produced evenly sized fruit to a good size and we have had quite a lot of them.They did not all ripen together which is probably a good thing!The vines will have to be cleared soon as frost is very likely with our sunny days and cold nights.


You are still getting some great veggies out of your garden. It's nice to see color out on the plot.. and I sure hope you had some great green tomato recipes. I wish I had a few of those for some friend green tomatoes tonight.
Willow said…
Love looking at your garden. We were going to clean ours up, but too much rain and the ground is so wet. Our peppers were very little this year and we had lots of tomatoes, but they had blossom end rot on alot of them. Too much rain with periods of heat did it. Hoping for a better next year.
PeggyR said…
All your growing efforts are paying off. I had impatients come back from seed in the pot in the backyard where I never am anymore. I'm more settled now that Norm is settled. A handyman is coming today to put weather strips on the doors and the garage door. Also the chimney needs some chaulking done. Then I think that's it for the house this year!
Why I garden... said…
Its really been a rather tough gardening year. I thought we'd get a warm Sept but we didn't. We're expecting a light frost tonight where I live. I think the summer season is definitely gone.
Anonymous said…
a tea room at the plot - how grand :o)
Marie said… nice to see you commenting so often on my blog! I have been having a time trying to get caught up with everyone after the sewing project/company/ and now a damaged knee! :-) It's always something! Your garden is looking wonderful! I haven't been able to get my tomatoes to do anything because of the heat, but now they are beginning to come around...and by that I mean, grow, not produce tomatoes yet! Maybe I'll finally have some this winter!

I have a mention organic weed deterrent! What is that!? I need to get some! :-) Also, the grasshoppers are eating all my lima bean buds off and I haven't had a single one. How do I get rid of the grasshoppers? Any advice would be so greatly appreciated!
Peggy said…
Hi Latane, Green tomatoes don't feature over here! we have lots this year and instead of waiting for them to ripen on the windowsill, I would love to try one of your green tomato recipes, please share one on your blog!
Peggy said…
Hi Willow, it was a very strange year for gardeners all over the world, too much rain or too much heat!Gardeners are an optimistic lot and we always look forward to next year.
Peggy said…
PeggyR,We hope for the best in the garden, often something like your Impatiens bursts into life and shows us we are not Gods in the garden!
Peggy said…
whyI Garden, Hi Kelli
We had a much better Sept than any other month some frost has come but very light (so far)!
Peggy said…
Hi Marie, I love reading your blog! Weed suppressant is a black fabric ground cover material (not Plastic) it allows rain to seep down but prevents weeds coming up.We cut spaces in which we can grow plants like our strawberries.Grasshoppers I don't know how to deal with! It is years since I have even heard one, they are a dying (maybe even extinct)insect here.
Peggy said…
Nipitinthebud, a tea room is essential on theplot! it is a great meetingplace and we can leave books, spare seeds etc for other plotters there

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