A Random Summer

A very random selection of summer photos as it was a very random kind of summer! Weather was unpredictable and harvesting even more so.I lost my blogging MOO somewhere along the line due to Blogger and problems with that, I think I will be looking at other means of publishing the blog.The latest which I have encountered over the past few days is I cannot leave comments on other blogs as the comment moderation does not work.I type in the word verification over and over again but blogger keeps saying it is wrong!

Anyway we had gooseberries which Kathryn made into jam and I tried compote!

Our little plant pot holder was happy amid the summer flowers

Grand daughter Gemma shone on her debs night, she went for the vintage look which was so elegant!

My lovely Aunt Maisie celebrated her 83rd birthday, she is the last remaining one of my Mother's family of 8

We had sweetcorn, not as plentiful as previous years but 2 cobs on each of 8 plants was not too bad

Salad crops did OK even though the lettuce spent its time growing under cloches event through July and August.The onions had to be lifted early as the necks were getting soft due to the continuous wet weather.They were dried in the greenhouse and are now bagged in recycled fruit netting

Again some salad crops with berries and peas.The birds did leave some for us!

Some crops went to seed  as in this globe artichoke which is a thing of beauty in the allotment. We are redoing the artichokes bed as they are getting too big for the bed near the greenhouse now.I have some off shoots growing which will be moved to a new permanent bed soon.

Our plot appeared in print! Fionnuala Fallon who writes the Urban Farmer column in the Irish Times each Thurs visited us nearly 2 years ago.The book is called From the Ground Up and has stories of different veg growers who have grown their own  in various places around Ireland often against the odds on wet or boggy land.its not a how to and when gardening book but has lots of great ideas and encouragement to try growing your own no matter what you have even if it is a balcony as in the chapter 8 Square metres.
Hopefully when I click publish Blogger will do so!


Willow said…
Love your photos and you have a beautiful family. We too had a horrible summer and the garden did not do well at all here, except weeds that is. HA! HA!
Kathleen said…
Great selection of photos/events!Must have a look through that book!
Ann said…
Glad you managed to get some veg after the bad growing summer we've had. I've only got one ripe tomato so far but had a nice crop of damsons and cooking apples.
Marie said…
Congratulations on appearing in the book! How wonderful! And I loved this collection of summer things...the veggies are so much fun to see. You grow some wonderful things, and know what you are doing, and that's so impressive! My six corn plants did NOTHING and are now dry stalks ready for Halloween decorating. :-) I do have a few carrots, for the first time ever. Will post about my garden soon.

Your grand-daughter is LOVELY! And that vintage look makes her look like a 50s film star! Beautiful! Happy birthday to your aunt, belatedly. I had checked your blog a couple of times to see if you had posted anything new...sorry you have been having problems. Thanks so much for your recent comments on mine!
Peggy said…
Willow, thanks for the lovely comment.The weeds are about the only things that grow regardless of the weather1
Peggy said…
Kathleen, Linda has my copy and I am waiting for it back to do a complete post on it!
Peggy said…
Ann, we were trialing grafted tomato plants for Suttons, probably hte worst year ever to do so!
Peggy said…
I will do a more complete post on the book soon.I think Gemma has the vintage look down to a fine art.I have been very lax on the blogging and when I did go on to the blog, Blogger put me right off again!
Excellent genes in your family Peggy - not only are you blessed with super-youth but Aunt Maisie looks amazing for a lady in her eighties!

Funny old summer all round..... Glad you're well.
Peggy said…
Thanks Scarlett, I hope I look half as good if I ever reach her age.

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