More Random Summer Memories

We grew beetroot which did not do too badly, it is a crop we usually make a token sowing of as I don't eat it and the others are not too keen either! I had pickled it in previous years and did like it but the whole pickling and waiting until it was ready to eat was tiresome. Rosie, one of our allotmeteers with her husband Con grows quite a lot. While talking about it one day she said she cooks it and puts it into vinegar and it can be eaten as wanted.I tried it this year, roasted the beetroot in the oven then peeled,sliced and put it into jars, covering it with red wine vinegar.It can be eaten immediately but I am not sure just how long it would last in the jars, not really a problem as it did not last long enough to worry about it!

My D.Michelle and I set off on a 2 1/2 hour road trip a few weeks ago to visit Ikea near Dublin.We had not been there before and it is the only Ikea store in Ireland.It is a big Swedish company specialising in storage ideas and the prices are amazing.I bought this vase among other things, it was only 2.00e so I could not pass it by.I bought a silk Lily here at home which was twice the price of the vase, I could have probably got one a whole lot cheaper in Ikea if I had thought of what I wanted to use the vase for.The stem of the lily is wound around in circles in the vase so the top of the vase needs to be wide to get it in. Lots of people have unused fish bowls in the attic and it would be a great way to use it.

 I took Grandsons Kevin and Jack to Waterford to the Suir valley railway, just over an hours journey from home. It is a narrow gauge railway which has been restored and visitors can go on a 45 minute journey through the countryside along the banks of the river Suir. Jack's hero is Fireman Sam, he had the helmet and the safety jacket on all day. The Suir valley railway has different characters meeting and greeting on the platform. Jack was not too impressed with Dora the Explorer.

Once Fireman Sam appeared Jack was starstruck, he followed him everywhere just gazing up at him.

We repeated the trip a couple of weeks later to take Grandson Scott to meet Peppa Pig who he loves on TV. Not too sure he circled around for a while!

The other kids were shaking hands and after a while Scott walked up and did likewise and stood in for a photo with Peppa!Scott was diagnosed as being on the Autistic spectrum but is a lovable and happy little boy who makes us laugh and amazed as he is a bit of a numbers genius and we recently discovered he can read quite a lot of words at just 4 years old!   Scott can make up jigsaws in minutes without looking at the picture on the cover.  
That was just some of our summer even though the sunny days were few and far between.The removal of word verification and using comment approval is working well so far.Thank you all for your suggestions and advice.              


Peggy, I just love pickled beets. Would eat the whole jar at one sitting... if I wasn't a bit smarter than that. Mine is done in a vinegar, sugar brine with spices. Yum. Hope you have a great weekend. Well, heck, it's only Wednesday. What was I thinking. Losing track of days at my daughter's house.. but going home soon. Then back to the old grind.
Marie said…
Suir Valley railway sounds like the perfect place to take the kids and it looks like they had a great time. Scott sounds like a wonderful little boy! My nephew (Mom's grandson) Owen is autistic so we are very familiar with different levels of the spectrum. The trip to Ikea sounds wonderful as well....great buys! Glad you figured out what to do with the beets! :-)
PeggyR said…
The beet root sounds good. I love beets. That is a shame about your pets. Bonnie I had cremated because she was a medium sized dog. But Patches was brought home in the size of a doll box and buried. So they are both together now and I pray Bonnie is at peace with Patches.
I'm a big beetroot fan and usually grow several different varieties. Roasted or grated raw for me though, never pickled.

Maybe try doing something different with your beetroot? I've eaten absolutely delicious beetroot and chocolate cakes and brownies. Loads of great recipes just by googling, and as Nigel Slater says, it "tastes no more of beetroot than carrot cake tastes of carrots". YUMMY!

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