Tomatoes & Broad Beans

The tomato seedlings looked slightly spindly and as soon as I espied the first true leaves (hardly visible to the naked eye!) I decided to pot them on. When potting on tomato plants they should be replanted up to first set of leaves so that the leaves are just sitting on the soil. The hairs on the stems grow new roots and as tomatoes become quite top heavy when producing fruit they need a strong root system.
These are the Incas, there are 9 plants at the moment but I won't need all of these so only about 2 or 3 really strong plants will be finally planted out in the greenhouse.
I left the Yellow Perfection in their seed tray for another few days.
The sweet peppers are finally up!
The repotted seedlings are still on the windowsill, they were repotted into 3inch pots and will be potted on as the roots show through the bottom of the pot, not very scientific I know but it works for me!
The Broad Beans are sitting out in the sunshine each day for a few hours to get accustomed to being outside, I have to remember to bring them into the greenhouse each evening as we are having quite severe frosts each night.

Daffodils in the bed in the back garden to add a touch of Spring.
Zwena is entering an allotment 'float' in the parade in Blarney for St Patrick's Day!
Photos of that tomorrow, and......
Happy St Patrick's Day to everyone.
La Feile Padraig Shona Duit.


Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy, your little seedlings are looking good! And the Jonquils so bright and nice to see things growing and blooming! I just read a comment on another blog where the man said they were still having snow in Maine! Oh my! Wishing you the very best St Patrick's Day...and if you're of a mind a nice Irish Beer! Hope there's a lovely parade...SKYPE (the service where you can make phone calls through your computer) is meant to have a live cam somewhere in Ireland for a parade tomorrow...I'm going to try to make it work...*smile*
Kathleen said…
Thats a great idea about the allotment float for the Blarney parade! How are the hens doing.....any produce yet?
Anonymous said…
Oh it is Saint Paddys day already here in New Zealand went to playcentre with my youngest daughter this morning and someone had made a lovely banana cake with very green icing on it! Would love to see a pic of the allotment float, hope you have a great time.
Jo said…
Happy St Patrick's day, Peggy. I look forward to seeing the float. I only learnt about true leaves on tomato plants about five years ago . Apparently there's been so much rain back home in South Africa, most of the crop has spoilt. We left SA in the summer, entered EA in the spring so here's to MORE summer. Whoopee! Have a great day. (((hugs))) Jo
cathy@home said…
Hi peggy ( my grans Name was Peggy)
Happy St Patricks day from today i wear my guiness apron and we have a little person in the house for the boys to find with his pot of gold (chocolate)coins
Susan said…
You are well on your way with your veg! Happy Paddy's Day- it looks to be rain free! I'm off to our parade in Graignamanagh now- perhaps I'll listen to the GIYIreland's potato pod cast afterwards, and plant my 1st earlies. (2-3pm) A good modern traditional Paddy's day mix :-)
Barbarapc said…
Happy St. Paddy's Day! Looking forward to seeing the float. My tomatoes to be started this week. Inspired by Canada Blooms - our big indoor spring garden show - I'm so looking forward to watching little green things grow.

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