All Systems Go!

Beautiful Spring day today, I was able to spend most of the day on the allotment, I even persuaded youngest S.Barry to come out and paint the shed. He is just starting here but got it all done in double quick time. The two plastic bags are protecting the 2 Goji berry bushes which are covered in leaves and I did not want any mishaps with them!
I sowed carrots in the barrel in the greenhouse, again Amsterdam 3 Sprint. I am hoping to have an early crop of carrots before the outdoor ones are ready?!I filled the lower half of the barrel with spent compost from last year and just put new compost on the top layer with a handful of Fish,blood & bone.
Kathryn spent Sunday turning over and picking stones off last years squash & pumpkin bed as this year it is going to house roots ie: carrots & parsnips.
I spent today making a new bed (on left of scarecrow).This was a potato bed last year but had not been boxed in. I did that today and dug it over thoroughly because the idea of raised beds is to eventually not have to dig them just turn them over lightly.There were loads of scutch grass roots to pull out and I cleaned it as much as possible.
This will house another onion bed, with a row of red onions and space for a row of leeks later on in the season.
back home in the plastic greenhouse:
Beetroot planted 2 seeds to a peat pot is up.
Lettuce has been transplanted from seed tray to pots, these will go into the greenhouse on the allotment before the tomatoes go in.

Incas tomatoes which were repotted a few days ago. They were covered up to the bottom set of leaves and are now well clear of the compost again.
The pot of salad leaves are putting in an appearance.These are to have some salad pickings before the lettuce are ready.
Cabbage needs to be transplanted from the seed tray ASAP!

Hen House finally put together awaiting its first residents!The ground has been raked over and composted. I was waiting for milder weather to put down grass seed but while blog surfing in search of hen facts I came across Allotment #65 who has just taken 4 hens on board. The henhouse over there is enviable but I was delighted to find turf rolls had been used with bark mulch which will shorten the waiting time considerably for me.I will be getting rolls of turf on friday and we should be in business much sooner than anticipated!


Kathleen said…
Was that the same turf roll I suggested a while back???
I was going to ask when it was going to be put up did you do it looks very spacious! Name a hen after me!Lovley header!
OffalyGoodLife said…
Good to see someone is able to make the most of this lovely weather. WIll be interested to see how the hens come along - hoping for some ourselves this year - Good luck!
barrel_racer_82 said…
All the little green sprouts look so promising!

Are you getting chicks or full grown chickens ready to lay?
Matron said…
You are getting hens! how exciting! make sure they don't run amok in your veggie patch, there will be none left!
Anonymous said…
Peggy...your hen house is very nice, fancy actually. Other than the one Don and I hen houses tended to be...well...rustic! Your seedlings are looking good, as is the allotment! Yes indeed I believe it is "all systems go."
Jason said…
As seedling raising was the topic of my recent blog it was great to see yours. I like how you first sow in a seed tray then pot when they shoot. I assume this helps you pick out the best? My partner is looking at getting a pot making kit that recycles waste paper.
Anonymous said…
Hen house looks great Peggy, they will be living a life of luxury with instant turf in there as well. Love your new spring picture.
Why I garden... said…
Wow, looks super. I was just noticing today I have a bit of painting to do (fence, etc). Good idea with the carrots in greenhouse, I might try that. Lots of great ideas! The weather has been much better too this week.
Peggy said…
Thank you all for comments, just to answer a few questions. I am getting point of lay fully grown hens, I may have to wait a week or two for them to settle down and actually start laying!
Hens will be at home not on the allotment so no veggies for them to desecrate, I have shrubs and flowers only so they can weed all they like!
You are, as we say around here, making hay while the sun is shining. Got all those little seedlings and they look so healthy. You really do have a green thumb.
Ron said…
Wow! It looks like you've been busy! That old scarecrow doesn't look all that scary to me. Of course I'm not a bird :-)
Lovely! Will you move your hens around from spot to spot?

I've got a very similar hen house to yours, although I've dug chicken wire into the ground all around so foxes can't get in and I leave the door open all day for them to free range (but lock it all up tight at night). Now that it's getting cooler and wetter I leave a tarp draped around it to keep out the cold and rain. I keep looking out for a big old children's plastic cubby to use (trying to stay away from wood cos of mites).

Your plot is looking fantastic!
Hi there Peggy,

see your as busy and organised as usual.

Love the hen house.


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