On the Plot Today

We have had frost for the past few nights, I was lucky I did not take a chance and insulated the plastic greenhouse the day I put it up.The bonus is the sunshine each day, not a lot of heat but when I started digging today I had to discard the jacket after a while and then the body warmer went the same way!
I went over to the asparagus bed to clean it up a little as some weeds are making their presence known already, like the creeping buttercup and dandelions.I was removing some of the old dead foliage and could not believe my eyes but there they were, 3 asparagus spears! It was the only plant that had them, these were some of the 7 new plants bought last year in Dunsland Garden Centre. They were 2 year old plants so we can have a light harvest from them this year.The spears are quite thick too, I covered them again with soil as they are a bit tender to leave uncovered for frost to bite.

Friend or Foe? I disturbed a few of these while digging today, I am totally ignorant of what is underground but know we will have to become familiar with what is good and bad for our plants.These look like pieces of orange thread with myriad legs.
We are the proud possessors of our own wheelbarrow!
When children get married here it is the custom to give both Mothers a keepsake/token of the day, usually at the reception.S.Billy and Janice got married last year and said they were giving us a voucher as it would be more useful. They asked us which store/shopping centre I wanted it for, I asked for B&Q (Home Depot in US)so I could get a wheelbarrow!
I duly got my wheelbarrow and paint for my sitting room with my voucher. The wheelbarrow has been over wintering in Kathryn's garden but it is now up in the allotment and had its inaugural outing today.
Our rhubarb is growing apace, the cold winter seems to be spurring it on again this year.I have covered it up with manure twice so far this year to protect it from frost but in the 2 weeks since I last did it ,it seems to have taken off.
Note:Fence & wind break need repairing!The 'new plots' near the car park have been getting a make over and complete transformation since I was last out! Plots have been dug over,laid out in beds and fenced in. We have lost a few of our plotters but there are lots of enthusiastic new faces around.
Close up of one of the plots,willow fencing to deter the rabbits and some new beds with seed in already!

Another plot, this time on our side. It has been taken over by new people also and this wonderful rustic fence put up.
I was speaking to one of our plotters today and he has first earlies in the ground already, unchitted!This will be a good opportunity to compare the 'to chit' or not results.
Lettuce & cabbage seeds have germinated on the windowsill ,I have left off the clear cover now by day as they can get too leggy in the heat.Another bonus of the frosty nights and sunny days is the light,no grey dull days to slow down germination!
Broad beans are about 2 ins high and I collected and washed the larger pots for them today .I will begin transplanting them hopefully tomorrow.
Tomatoes and peppers are still no show.


Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy, a lot of things are starting to grow in your garden...isn't it wonderful! Your rhubarb is looking good! It's sad to lose gardeners but nice that new gardeners are trying their hands at growing things.
Ann said…
You are getting an early start Peggy. That is good news about the aparagus doing so well. And I wonder what new recipes will be on the blogs this year, I've really enjoyed the rhubarb chutney that was fashionable last year.
Why I garden... said…
Wow, alot of activity going on! Your rhubarb looks to be winning the race, can't believe how tall it is; mine is still small yogurt-cartain sized bits coming up. We've had frost last three days. Very cold nights/mornings and beautiful sunny afternoons (the gardeners did first grass cut at Belfas Botanic Gardens this week!). All the best from the other end of the island, Kelli.
Hi Peggy, your garden is right on that exciting cusp of going crazy! Your rhubarb looks good. Keep posting on your asparagus, I haven't tried before but would like to. There's a variety here called Fat Bastard (!) that I'll try in Spring.

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