First Eggs to Hatch!!

Great eggsitement (excuse the pun)at the Hydro Farm, the newly acquired Ducks & Geese have started laying.The eggs have been removed for safety until they have finished laying so they won't be damaged.Zwena has them cushioned in sawdust in this box for a few days to protect them.The large white eggs are the goose eggs and the beautiful pale blue ones are the duck eggs.Once the goose has finished laying, the eggs will be returned to her to hatch out. I must confess I know absolutely nothing about them so we are all dying to see what happens next.
Never a dull moment at the Hydro Farm!
We did have some snow on Sat morning but it did not stay on the ground. Our days have been sunny if not warm, as yet.The ground is warming up and is easy to dig over.
I began cleaning out the herb bed and ended up completely revamping it!It is now longer and our solitary apple tree which has lots of buds is now included inside the bed. Sage, thyme & chives have survived since last year and our lupin has new shoots.I am going to put in a Rosemary bush,parsley and mint and that will complete the bed, maybe add some grit as herbs are used to Mediterranean soil which can be poor.They don't need an over rich compost to thrive.
Our rhubarb is flying,at least 3 stools are as 2 of them are quite puny looking despite getting the same treatment as the others.
Our apple tree and a close up of the herb bed.The wind break needs to be tightened up but will have to wait until our digging and planting are done its not an urgent job!The wind caught it over the winter and the wire snapped, I think the wire I used was unsuitable for the job.

The digging finished , this section of the new plot is going to have potatoes only. Today I began digging out the drills to have them ready for planting.
Some say St Patrick's day is D day for planting and more say Good Friday?!
I suppose it depends on which end of the country you are living in too. Easter is very late this year and if we wait for Good Friday we will be at the end of April so I think ours will be going in as soon as the sprouted shoots look good enough.
At home, tomato seedlings are up and also sweet peppers.
In the plastic greenhouse,cabbage & lettuce seedlings are OK.
Broad Beans are hardening off and becoming strong plants to plant out in a few weeks.
Salad leaves in the pot are just over the soil but no sign of the spring onions as yet.


PeggyR said…
You always post such interesting posts. They never say we are out of the woods with snow until tax day which is the middle of next month. It's hard to believe last Friday a foot of snow on the ground and only small piles of it remain today.
Jo said…
What an interesting post again, Peggy. Wow on the goose eggs. I will watch this space. You always motivate me when I think I can take a rest from gardeniing (like when first arriving in Kenya and the gardens are mostly established and quite exotic, not my style at all) However, Stanley and I resurrected a neglected rose bed yesterday, (I lifted my own ban on myself not to have roses, LOL!) our first rains arrived last night, praise God and I'm going out there NOW to see how the bushes stood up to the test. Have a great day my friend. Blessings JO
OneStonedCrow said…
Hehe beautiful - I also get so excited when a bird is sitting on eggs and waiting for them to hatch ...
Mark Willis said…
I hope one of those eggs is a Golden Egg!
Anonymous said…
Hello to you Peggy, I'm so excited about the duck and goose eggs...looking forward to seeing them when they hatch.

Your garden is looking and sounding wonderful. Always things to do almost all year round. Wonder what's going on with the rhubarb...Matron had problems with some of hers. Thank you for the information about herbs growing well in Mediterranean soil...we have poor, sandy soil here, I need to give them a try. Have a peaceful day, Theanne
Why I garden... said…
Eggs look really interesting, very eggsiting. Looks like you've been busy outdoors! I've been told St Paddys is the day for planting potatoes but I think its too cold this year, I'll wait a bit. We're supposed to get a hard frost tomorrow. All the best, Kelli.
goodness me Peggy, I turn my back on my reader for 5 minutes and it's all a go-go down on your allotment!
How wonderful to have geese ..and eggs ...and things growing in the greenhouse.. and finished beds... and ... and ...
(jealous? me? well just a little bit :o)
Anonymous said…
Sounds like you have been very busy at the allotment, it's nice to have a change around in the garden , and shift the plants about.

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