Works in Progress?!

Broad beans sown last week are up a couple of days now.They now have the lids removed to prevent them getting soft and spindly.They are on the bedroom windowsill, my usual 'hotspot' for starting seeds as regular readers to the blog will remember.As soon as they grow a little bigger they will be transplanted into 3" pots to grow on.

The 3 broad beans moved to the side and now joined by Inca tomatoes,Golden promise tomatoes, peppers, and half a tray of greyhound cabbage and half a tray of lettuce.
Potatoes are chitting in the shed but the weather has been against us in getting out to the plot so the onions are still waiting to go in.
The decision to get hens has been taken and after online and land line investigation the hen house and run has been bought. It arrived today flatpacked as I will not be ready to put it into place for another couple of weeks. I have been reliably informed by the vendor that even a man could assemble it easily!
I will be getting 4 hens and this size house and run allows ample room for them to move around.They will also be allowed the run of the garden when I am home.
The area next to the shed where the hen house will be situated, as you can see it is still a work very much in progress and very unfinished!
This area had black membrane under gravel and this has now been removed and the earth underneath raked up.When it was removed I found bindweed roots entwined like ropes growing underneath, snaking across from one side of the garden to the other!
This patch will be grassed for the hens and there is enough room to move the house and run around.
The water butt will be moved to the front of the shed which entails extending the shoot and down pipe to the front too.
One of my compost bins has found a new home and this one is going to be moved down the garden away from the shed.The hole through which the rats entered the shed came to light behind one of the compost bins and I think they were attracted by the bins. When I began composting a few years ago I put egg shells in the bins, I read somewhere that they attract rodents so I stopped putting them into the compost. The first bin when emptied still had a few egg shells in the bottom since then and may have tempted them this time around.
The seed potatoes in the shed have not been touched this time but the bait is still left out to be on the safe side.
I decided to erect the plastic walk in greenhouse which I had since last year.I had dismantled it around Oct and had put all of the bits into a plastic sack (as I thought) but after assembling it as best I could I have some pieces left over?!
I have been going back over the blog looking for photos to help with the construction but they don't give too much detail on the actual framework!
Advice to anyone getting one this year, they are a marvellous asset ,we had loads of tomatoes last year and all of our seedlings were reared in it, PHOTOCOPY the instructions and put a copy away safely for future reference.
Sam is peering out at me as if I have completely lost the plot !


Willow said…
I love seeing seeds sprout. It is almost like giving birth, but without the horrible pains. Can't wait to see your greenhouse.
A lovely spot for your chooks! Maybe you can sprout some chook forage for them too. I love having seedlings on my windowsill!
Peggy said…
Willow, great comparison there!I would love to see my greenhouse too but it is still standing skeletal at the moment waiting for me to get a brainwave!
Peggy said…
The Bok Flock, I hope they will adapt to their Des. Res. and show their appreciation by laying aplenty!What exactly can be grown as chook forage?

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