Mini Greenhouse up & running

I returned to the task of setting up the mini greenhouse today, it is still very strained but hopefully will stay upright for the season!. The cover fit over it OK and I have anchored it down around the sides inside and out. I cable tied the shelves in place as I did last year because I think it gives some degree of stability to the whole frame.
I insulated it with bubble wrap as some late frosts could wipe out any tender seedlings and we can get frost well into April or early May.
I transferred the seed potatoes from the shed into the greenhouse as they will get a lot more light in there.
Home guard top left,Sharpe's Express & Duke of York on right.
Onion sets spread out in seed trays as recommended by Terry Walton,you can see if there are any soft or damaged ones.
Shallots will be started in modules, we have not grown these before so will have to read up on them.
What not to do with your seed potatoes!
For some reason I did not put this bag of Duke of York out to seed wen I was doing the others, maybe I ran out of trays or time? They have been in the bag under the stairs and when I went to get them today this is what I found.
White spindly stalks which will not be good for growing.Some of them broke while I was trying to remove them from the bag. They may grow other stronger stalks in the light
Duke of York which had been chitting in the shed
Duke of York mutants from under the stairs!

Snow White came to visit today and climbed on my rocking chair!
GD Katie loves dressing up in floaty frocks and as much bling as she can get her hands on,just 2 years old she is definitely a girly girl despite having 2 older brothers!


For a mini greenhouse yours is quite maxi!
Am a wee bit envious......

I love your set up! I have to get a mini greenhouse in next as well but I'm not sure where to put it where it'll get enough light...does your greenhouse get sunlight all day long? What did you make it from? Oh and a question on potatoes, do you always wait for them to sprout before planting them into the ground and if you do, what do you look for before you know you need to plant them into soil? Thank you!
Why I garden... said…
Good job on the greenhouse, it will come in so handy. Keep it staked (if the wind is anything like we get up north). We had hail stones today!
Anonymous said…
You've been busy Peggy...the greenhouse is wonderful! Hope the found potatoes will produce the growth you need for planting...the others are looking good! Your granddaughter is precious...2 older brothers, so much boyishness, I think I'd want to be a girlie girl too...LOL
Willow said…
Your greenhouse looks great. The little one is just like my granddaughter. From day one she has been a girlie girl too.

Oh my goodness... I have some potatoes just like that in my kitchen.
Ann said…
It's nice to see your GD is a girly girl in her snow white outfit, I've noticed that girls with brothers are often very feminine in their tastes, good for them!

Looking forward to seeing your hens and henhouse, they'll be a great help with pests won't they, plus their lovely eggs.
Peggy said…
Scarlett, its not quite a 'mini' more a 'walk in'. I got it last year around this time and it raised all the seedlings and then the tomatoes stayed in there and we had a great crop near to hand instead of bringing lots in together from the plot.

Mrs Bok: I bought it flat packed and just put it together. First it was up near the shed where the hens are going to go but it did not get sun all day so I moved it nearer the house where it is now and it gets the sun for most of the day and the protection of the wall of the house.
Sprouting the potatoes is a matter of choice ,I think most gardeners do it.They usually sprout for about 6 weeks before sowing until the ground warms up enough.Nice sprouts about 1 inch long are nice and strong.In Ireland St Patrick's day is usually the time to have them in the ground but that may be a little too optimistic this year!

Why I garden, we had hailstones on Sat too!I have it anchored down inside with rocks on the bottom bars and anything I can find to weigh down theoutside.

Theanne, thanks for the comment I hope she continues that way.
although she is not averse to joining in with the boys either!

Willow, thanks, she is the youngest GD at the moment!

Latane, I know the feeling, I have often found them in a kitchen cupboard too!

Ann, I hope she stays a girly girl too,she is very into shoes too!I hope the hens look after thepest control too but reading the Bok Flock blog, the hens are turning up their noses to anything that wriggles!!
4rx said…
I really like o eat potatoes , I would like to have a plantation of potatoes in my backyard

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