Seed Sowing & Reading

I had sorted through my seeds and knew I did not have Tomato or Pepper seeds. I bought them a couple of days ago in a local garden centre but they did not have a big range of seeds as yet.
Incas, marked Organic cost 3.99e for approx 8 seeds!
Yellow Perfection I meant to pick up Sungold but had these when I got home! I will try them as I have them ,they are supposed to be a sweet tomato. Approx 50 seeds for 2.99e
I will pick up other tomatoes of different varieties over the next few days.
Sweet Peppers approx 10 seeds for 2.99e
Our peppers never seem to do well and I think I know why, we sow the seed to late! Reading Matron's blog, pepper seed is being sown NOW because they need such a long growing season!
Aldi are getting in the garden supplies, and have fruit trees ,plug plants etc. I got 2 packets of Sweet Pea seeds, each packet contains approx 20 seeds for 69 cent!!! They have some veg seeds but I already have them.I did use some of their seed last year and could not fault them. The price of seeds from the main seed companies is prohibitive.

Last year I bought 'Garden News' fairly regularly and found it very informative with down to earth (pardon the pun) advice as it is written by gardeners for gardeners. It is in tabloid form with lots of photos without big glossy glamour or price.I spotted it in the newsagents yesterday and was lucky enough to find last weeks one as well.
Terry Walton, who I first saw on an allotment series of programmes on TV (the name of it escapes me now)wrote for the GN last year but this year he is doing a step by step growing guide each week and there are FREE seeds each week, which does something to offset the 3.03e price over here.
This weeks seeds are White Lisbon spring onions, last weeks free seeds were Valdor lettuce.
Check list of jobs from previous 2 issues but there is still time to do them (Whew)!
Sow Broad beans ...done
Sow lettuce seeds
Sow sweet pea seeds
Feed fruit Bushes

This weeks check list
Sow spring onions
Sow rocket
Sow early carrots
Chit potatoes....done
Spread manure
2 out of 9 done?!
I will have to buy it each week from now on as it will keep us on our toes and I would certainly recommend it for anyone starting off vegetable growing for the first time as there are photos on the basics of doing things like chitting potatoes etc.

I sowed broad Beans 2 days ago, I had Meteor seeds since last year and got itchy fingers to be doing something!I heaved a sigh of relief when I read the GN that they should have been sown 2 weeks ago!
I had the seed trays from soft fruits from Aldi or the supermarkets usually have these too.These are deep which allow room for the roots and the raised lid is like a little incubator for the seeds.They will be transplanted individually into 3" pots when large enough.
The seed trays got a good scrubbing in warm water to clean them up since last year.
I also have broad beans from Matron which I will sow over the week end.


Matron said…
It is just such a relief to get things started after the long Winter we have just had! I must be sowing some of my broad beans too. I will start collecting loo rolls to use a root trainers!
Anonymous said…
I'm so happy, happy, happy that you're now able to start planting your seed, bulbs, etc. At last my gardener friends are wonderfully happy! Getting those fingers in the dirt, putting little seeds in, knowing that with Mother Natures help you'll have delicious things to eat in due time! Bless the gardeners one and all! Especially Matron and Peggy!!!!
Willow said…
I got all my seeds in the mail this week and will be starting them soon inside. Next month we will be getting our raised beds ready for another year, but will wait til May to plant our seedlings. Today in the 70s next week back to the 40s. Some weather here.
Why I garden... said…
Wow, you seem to be ahead of the game. I aimed to sow peppers last weekend but didn't get around to it so hopefully will get peppers and chillis done this weekend.
Ann said…
I can't believe how expensive seeds have got, I often buy Wilko's seeds, they are quite a bit cheaper. But - this year I'll probably buy the small plants again, I can just buy a few of each type then.

The weather has gone cold here again and snow is forecast.
Linda said…
I will keep checking your blog Peggy to see what I should be doing. I am not nearly as organised as you are!

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